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Kongdong successful capture of telecom fraud crime suspects two kongdong “thunderbolt – 2022” special operation to carry out the public security bureau, the criminal investigation brigade quickly convey conference spirit, to the priority tasks, to “start is the sprint, start is a decisive battle”, drive and determination to win last team keep crackdown on high pressure situation of telecom fraud crime, accurate, quick attack,On February 17, 2 telecom fraud suspects were arrested successfully, and 6 mobile phones, 14 bank cards, more than 40 POS machines and 19,000 yuan cash were seized on the scene.On January 16, a resident of Kongtong District, Surnamed Han, reported to the police that he was swindled 195,000 yuan in a virtual gold investment transaction.Criminal investigation brigade research and judgment group immediately around the flow of funds and information to carry out analysis and judgment, through detailed verification, quickly lock suspects and their hiding places.On February 17, the suspects Cao, Li have been arrested.After investigation, since August 2021, the suspect Cao mou partners with the suspect Li mou, its knowingly for online gambling information network crime to provide funds payment, transfer settlement, still for telecom fraud online to provide collection, transfer, cash withdrawal business.At present, criminal suspect Cao mou, Li Mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures.In order to further implement the spirit of the provincial and municipal public security Chiefs’ meeting, Huating Public Security Bureau deployed the “Spring offensive” campaign throughout the city.Since the start of the campaign, all the civilian auxiliary police acted quickly and took the initiative to continuously transmit good news.Recently, the economic investigation team successfully arrested a criminal suspect and solved two criminal cases involving 300,000 yuan through careful investigation, adding to the achievements of the “Spring Offensive” campaign.At the end of 2021, the masses bai mou reported to the police that: it was a forged property card mortgage loan 300 thousand yuan, and signed a loan contract, after the borrower lost contact.After receiving the police, the economic investigation team quickly launched an investigation, fund data analysis, to contract fraud, forgery and alteration of official seal two crimes on file at the same time.Recently, under the strong impetus of the “spring offensive” campaign, the police, after a lot of research, careful investigation, finally determined the accurate identity of the suspect, then quickly carried out the arrest work, successfully captured the suspect Xi.After interrogation, suspect seat mou confessed to its criminal facts.Zhuanglang quickly detect a theft recently, zhuanglang County Public Security Bureau chengguan responsibility area Interpol squadron comprehensive use of a variety of investigative means, timely detect a theft case, recovered a gold ring worth more than 16,000 yuan.On February 21, the Police brigade of Zhuanglang County Public Security Bureau received a public alarm that a gold ring forgotten in the guest room of a hotel in Zhuanglang County, Ms Ma, was taken away, the gold ring is worth more than 16,000 yuan, request to investigate.After receiving the police, Interpol brigade immediately assigned investigators and figure investigation squadron police went to the scene to visit the investigation work.After investigation, the suspect Liu got up in the hotel room at about 10 o ‘clock on February 20th, and went to room 607 of the hotel to get his coat, which he had put in his friend’s place. He found that there was a gold ring left on the table of the TV cabinet in the room (all of which belonged to Ms. Ma), so he took the ring away.Liu then took the ring to a gold jewelry store, after the ring valuation, in the jewelry store will ring equivalent gold bracelet, platinum diamond ring, transfer bead each.That afternoon, Ma found her ring forgotten in the hotel, contact the hotel waiter that the ring was taken away by Liu, then their own contact for, but Liu refused to return for various reasons.February 23, the police telephone contact Liu to the case, the seizure of its exchange income gold bracelet, platinum diamond ring, transfer beads each.Recover a gold ring in a gold jewelry store.At present, involved personnel Liu mou has been taken compulsory measures, the case is being investigated further.Jingning cracked a theft case “30” since the creation of work, Jingning County public Security Bureau eight li police station to strengthen the implementation of “to open the road, to promote prevention” work requirements, adhere to the case, break small cases, protect the people’s livelihood.At 9 o ‘clock on February 18, high city village service area staff Wu mou reported that placed in the service area of some items stolen, worth about 1000 yuan.After receiving the police, the police on duty quickly set out, through a series of detailed work such as scene investigation, visit and investigation, quickly mastered the physical characteristics of the suspect and the trajectory of activities, and at 17 o ‘clock on the same day, xu will be arrested.”Small case” is not “look down upon”, solve the case benefit people’s life, every case behind the association is the real safety of the masses, in recent years, Jingning County public Security Bureau hit all kinds of money infringement cases, achieved remarkable results, effectively enhance the sense of security of the masses, happiness!