Chen Kun posted a photo on his 46th birthday thanking his mother for giving him life

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Chen, who turned 46 on Feb 4, didn’t show off his cake to celebrate his birthday. Instead, he shared a framed photo with his mother, writing: “Thank you mom for giving me life.”In fact, every birthday is a reminder that you are a year older. It is also a day to express your gratitude to your mother for having given birth to yourself on this very day years ago.In this regard, Chen has always set a good example for his fans.Wearing a beige T-shirt and ear studs, Chen Kun looks like a teenager, hardly 46 years old.He cuddled up to his mother and gave her kisses with his pout.Chen Kundu is 46 years old, and his mother is estimated to be around 70 years old, but he is very young compared with his peers. He has only a few strands of white hair on his head, and his face is smooth and clean except for the wrinkles around his eyes. He can even see the apple muscle.She was a gentle, graceful old lady with a loving smile.No matter how old the child is, Chen Kun is always a little treasure in the eyes of his mother.On Chen Kun’s birthday, his son Chen Zunyou posted a post to celebrate his father’s birthday.The year before, Chen zunyou also shared a childhood photo of himself, swimming with his father, which was quite cute.The child always remembers his father’s birthday so clearly, indicating that Chen Zunyou is as filial as his father.It is not difficult to see from the frame photo of Chen Zunyou and grandma that he is a very clever and sensible grandson.Chen Kun shares photos with his mother every year on his birthday.This is Chen Kun’s artistic portrait of his mother, which he shared with his mother today last year. His caption was also “Thank you, mom”. Chen Kun also pursed his mouth and kissed his mother.With her glowing red lips and glowing face, Chen is the mother of such a wonderful and caring child that she would have laughed in her dreams.The year before that, Chen Kun was also nestled by his mother’s side, smiling like a child who had not grown up.Chen even held his mother’s face and kissed her, making her smile from ear to ear.Every year of Chen Kun’s birthday, his mother as the protagonist, his mother became his child!Chen Kun’s original family is not happy, because his parents divorced when he was very young. What’s more, he lived with his grandmother until he was 11 years old, and then returned to his mother’s side.Chen Kun did not hold grudges, and as you can see, he showed unprecedented filial piety.Even when Chen was in high school, he began to work and study in order to ease his mother’s financial burden.Now Chen Kun has already achieved wealth and freedom, so that his mother lived a rich life, and he will accompany the elderly as soon as he has time, as long as his mother in, he is still a child!