Beijing Audi A4L can be a trial ride, purchase of 69,700 yuan discount

2022-09-10 0 By

Happy New Year shopping, great benefits!Carnival feast passion line, super value courtesy broadcast!Domestic cars enjoy the expansion deposit policy, 2022 yuan to 3022 yuan, 2022 yuan to 7022 yuan, 2022 yuan to 12022 yuan;For imported A4all, pay RMB 2022 deposit for RMB 6022, and FOR Sq5, pay RMB 2022 deposit for RMB 12022.Audi A6 ALL, complimentary roof boot.One year free of interest and five years of low interest.Audi purchase premium enjoy 3 oil machine filter maintenance.Old customers introduce new customers, free oil machine filter maintenance.Domestic Audi car replacement in one year all imported Audi car to enjoy the original value replacement super welfare.Used car replacement enjoy 3000-20000 yuan replacement subsidy.Basic maintenance limited time special buy three get one free.Buy official certified second-hand car, free 1 year original factory extended warranty, enjoy lifelong maintenance 50% discount.Boutique gift 818 yuan whole car film global upgrade to audi original Johnson & Johnson film, 818 yuan snap up 2980 yuan crystal coating, 3880 snap up Weigu film.More discounts will be announced when you arrive at the store!Beijing Boruixiang Cloud Audi all staff are waiting for your presence!The event runs from February 3, 2022 to February 4, 2022