Why do most husbands die before their wives?These factors, or “triggers,”

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Birth, aging, illness and death are the natural law of human beings. Although the development of science and technology is very rapid, this reality cannot be changed.Many families believe that they have discussed such a problem, that is, when the day of the old husband and wife, which of the two of them, the first to leave?In fact, according to a large number of life statistics show that the majority of men die earlier than women, is this also the law of nature?In fact, there was a data released in the world Health Statistics 2019, which also confirmed a point of view, that is, women generally live longer than men, why is this situation?Let’s analyze it in detail.Why do most husbands die before their wives?These several factors or “inducement” 1, chromosome in fact between husband and wife husband before his wife, also depends on the chromosome, which is also a female congenital factor, part of the genetic disease genes on the X chromosome, if only on one X chromosome into recessive.The other X chromosome isogene can reduce the incidence of the disease in women, while the female chromosome is XX and the male chromosome is XY, so it can be seen that the incidence of the disease in men is relatively higher, which will affect the life span of individuals, which is also a thing that cannot be changed.2, living habits In fact, compared with female friends, men’s living habits are relatively rough, many men develop bad behavior habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late and so on.In this case, will increase the risk of disease, the harm to various organs is relatively large, among which smoking and drinking is also the cause of disease, smoking and drinking for a long time will affect the life of the individual, life-threatening, so it is also recommended to quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible.3 for some male friends, psychological factors, mental pressure is bigger, because relative to female friends, boys not girls like weak, boys are usually relatively strong, although meet some sad things is also hard to vent, suppress in mind for a long time, over time it will also cause certain effect to the body, increase the risk.Moreover, many people will also make some extreme behaviors due to excessive psychological pressure, so the wife should pay attention to her husband’s tolerance and learn to understand her husband.4, social pressure now as life rhythm speeding up for some male friends, casually to social pressure is bigger, because male friends is always appears as a pillar in the middle of the family, is to be busy with family and busy with work, so are in a state of high pressure for a long time to also can increase the risk.For example, the incidence of common myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction will also increase, which will affect the life of individuals, so men must pay attention to relax themselves in peacetime, learn to work and rest, women should also understand their husbands.5, personality factors for male friends, because the personality is more cheerful, so in their own body is also more careless and will not pay special attention to some changes in the body, often ignored and developed to the late stage, so that the ability to cure will be reduced, which will affect the health of the individual.So for some male friends, in peacetime do not ignore their own maintenance, learn to maintain their own to develop a good habit of physical examination on time, so as to help maintain personal health, prolong life.1, avoid sitting: avoid sitting for a long time, appropriate exercise, can enhance their metabolic rate, discharge of toxins and garbage in the body, promote qi and blood operation.2, avoid long standing: do not stand for a long time, so as not to lead to the occurrence of backache, but hurt bone health.3, avoid lying for a long time: stay in bed for a long time, will also lead to their own mental malaise, affect personal health, resulting in poor mental state.4, avoid long vision: if you look at things for a long time will also lead to dizziness, dry eyes, blurred vision, affect personal health, so get rid of this habit as soon as possible.5, avoid anger: often angry, mood is not good, it is easy to increase the risk of disease, leading to endocrine disorders, so we must maintain a good attitude.1, appropriate happiness: learn to contentment, keep optimistic, maintain normal endocrine stability, care for personal health.2, light diet: pay attention to light diet, most will eat slowly, is conducive to reducing the gastrointestinal burden, develop longevity of the constitution.3, appropriate health: to pay attention to health, maintain a good diet, pay attention to appropriate exercise, can achieve tai Chi bubble feet, help to maintain the body.4, appropriate exercise: adhere to the appropriate exercise, exercise, can enhance their own metabolism, maintain normal continue to run mature, will also favor you more.So, if you want to protect the body, food and rest should pay attention to maintenance, such ability is conducive to the maintenance of personal health.