Torrential rains in many parts of Mauritius have left many people stranded

2022-09-09 0 By

According to the Mauritius meteorological department monitoring, Mauritius on The 13th of the continuous several hours of heavy rain, some areas of rainfall reached 111 mm.The continued heavy rainfall has flooded streets, soaked houses, destroyed farmland and left many local people stranded.Rescuers pulled people from several homes and managed to move passengers on a bus that was trapped by water to safety. No casualties have been reported so far.Mauritius meteorological department issued a nationwide rainstorm alert on the same day, indicating that heavy rain will continue until at least noon on the 14th, and reminded people not to venture into risky areas, especially near rivers that may be flooded.Mauritius’ Ministry of Education also announced on the same day that all schools in the country would be temporarily closed for a day on The 14th.Editor in charge: Liu Yun