Tiger 3 million classic commemorative edition you deserve!!

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From the appearance, the overall continuation of the family style design style, but in the details made a good improvement.The appearance of Ruihu 3 is more robust and fashionable style. The front face adopts the latest design of the family. The area of the middle net is large, and the grille in the middle is crossed by a chrome strip, so the overall identification is very high.In terms of appearance, The Tiger 3 million global edition is consistent with the current model. The front face adopts the design concept of Chery family style, the middle grid uses a lot of silver chrome decoration, and the interior adopts dot matrix design, with the Logo of “JETOUR” in the center.The new interior adopts the integrated central control design, the central control large screen and LCD instrument panel are connected together, and the touch button design is adopted.The new Tiger 3 interior changes can be said to be subversive, although the overall shape and the old model of the same, but in some details of the change or let its interior looks more delicate, but also more fashionable.New all-black interior matching, and provide black + orange, brown and all-black two dual-color interior matching scheme, so that the new Tiger 3 interior texture has been further improved.It is equipped with a panoramic canopy, which can bring a wider view and better lighting, so that drivers are more happy.In fact, I think these configurations are very practical, especially for novice drivers, more convenient in driving, because for our strength of the steering wheel, very comfortable, not the kind of very empty feeling, which I think is still very important.Equipped with keyless entry, one-button start, electronic handbrake, tire pressure monitoring, ESP body stability control, cruise control, multi-function steering wheel, daytime running lights and in-car air filtration, automatic partitioned air conditioning.This time, The tiger 3 million global version of the official launch, not only in the space, power, configuration upgrade, but also joined a lot of the same level of rare configuration, in order to enhance the new Tiger 3 product force.In terms of storage space, the inner concave space of the front door panel of Ruihu 3 is very large, which can easily accommodate a bottle of 5550ml mineral water.The measurement of crew space is the same as usual.In terms of space, space is the advantage of The Tiger 3.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)