Tea Fair and Famous Tea Ware Exhibition (2)

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Tianxin Village is located in the core part of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot, elegant and graceful, and steeped in tea fragrance. It is known as the rock tea in the rock tea, and it is the pearl in the crown of Wuyi rock tea.The best explanation of rock tea is that “the strange tea by the stream is the crown of the world, and the immortal of Wuyi has planted it from ancient times”.Zhiqiang Chen (born in 1988), the only champion after 85, was born in a family of tea farmers known as zhengyan Tea Core village.At the end of 2018, I went to Wuyishan to see Ck Tan, the head of Hanshang Gongfu. He was born in A tea family in Tianxin Village, Wuyishan. He guaranteed the character and texture of Zhengyan tea by virtue of the core mountain and exquisite technology, and the novel business model of Hanshang Gongfu brand, which made me fall in love with him immediately.After technical secondary school graduation, because not satisfied with the status quo, to pursue personal value to get the greatest realization, Ck Tan resolutely joined the army, joined the people’s Liberation Army field troops.Field troops are the trump card to defend the country, the weapon of the republic, but also the most able to exercise the quality of a man’s will furnace.Through the harsh training and self-growth of the army, Ck Tan has a more clear and firm judgment and understanding of the value of life, the pursuit of direction and goal setting.After the people’s Liberation Army field troops retired, with strong and calm, taste the hundreds of tea in Tianxin Village, appreciate the nuances of each technology, learn from the long, thick and thin, and eventually become “hand is still time”.But he is by no means a young brand, hand still congou predecessor is “Tian Xin Zhen Jia Yan tea factory”, founded in the early 1980s.From grandpa Chen Shuitian, father Chen Zhenjia, to Chen Zhiqiang, three generations engaged in tea plantation, management, production, until today full of freedom.The pursuit of mountain products in Hanshang Kung Fu Mountain Farm is not for the pursuit of a small amount of mountain products, nor for the pursuit of fame. The rock tea with good quality is closely related to the geological environment. In the narrow gap between the rock valley, wind fossils are accumulated and broken stones are built by pieces of clay.About mountain field: Handang Congou has zhengyan core area and Sankeng Liangjian tea garden of more than 160 mu, Wuyi Mountain has the top ten core mountain products.Distribution in: Niulan pit 3.5 acres, Huiyuan pit 25.5 acres, big pit mouth 15 acres, Matou rock 30 acres, Tianxinyan Xianrenjian 5 acres, Mantuo peak 6 acres, Shuiliandong 21 acres, Guanyinyan 30 acres, Zhuizhoudong 5 acres, Xiabinyan 5 acres, Qingshi rock 10 acres, Liangumbrella rock 5 acres, Guilin 3 acres.The most representative tea of hand-still kung fu is Yuanxiang, which is not achieved at one stroke, but full of tea master’s hard work and persistent pursuit.Ck tan in 2011 set out to look for plant tea tree, looking for started trying to make per plant, plant resources, 2012, 2015 individual success, named after the fragrance far in 2016, became rock tea industry, time became a web celebrity, all kinds of legends and mysterious, but the core is one, that is the rock tea powder unveiled are eager to see the ground.Little do they know that this bubble legend of 480,000 jin single plant “Far Fragrance” gathered tea master 5 years of hard sweat, just extract a bubble of heaven and earth essence.In addition, Cinnamon has won the “Cinnamon Gold Medal” for four consecutive years in the most authoritative tea fighting competition (Tianxinyan Tea Village folk tea fighting Competition), and the “Narcissus Gold Medal”, “Da Hong Pao Gold Medal”, “Variety and Quality Award”, “Da Hong Pao Silver Award”, “Cinnamon Tea King” and other honors successively.Tea meet, is a tacit understanding and understand, do not have to greet, just a hit.