Sohu video “Live with you on Chinese New Year” set off the Spring Festival live heat

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On January 31st, Chinese New Year’s Eve, the 3-day sohu video “Live Chinese New Year with you” series of live broadcast came to a climax. From 9:00 a.m. to 0:30 a.m., nearly 20 live broadcasts were carried out in sequence.Singer dai jun with comedian, waxberry, Xu Jianzhen, Li Junwu BaoKun, hong-jun xu, Zhao Hui, the scholars and experts, such as leather xu poison eyes, Wang Siyu, Hu Qiyue, Chang Xiaohang industries, 鹍, Cao Yaqi, Lu Yan, Guo Jian senior media person, and sohu signing artists, starry sowing the main line-up, in sohu video, live with your holidays.Sohu Video @Sohu Mother & Child @Sohu Education @Sohu Sports @Sohu News @Sohu Entertainment broadcast and other accounts participated in the live broadcast banquet that day.Sohu present baby most of her show Dai jun cantata Shanghai festival atmosphere variations “live with you holidays, New Year’s eve live, by the” sohu baby New Year concert “open, ensemble, solo, singing, dancing, Musical Instruments, huangmei opera, colorful, the babies of music talents, make friends, said its strongest of Eva for the show.The concert was created by zhao Lifei, a well-known children’s program host. He believes that music can cultivate babies to find beauty. “Beauty not only makes children realize the way the world is revealed, but more importantly, the inner quality of life is shown.”There are still plenty of surprises in the studio today.Standing in the Broadway Building, built in 1934, dai Jun sang old Shanghai’s golden songs and narrated the Bund Architectural complex in the soft language of Wu Nong while wandering to the melodies of Nocturne, Good Moon And Beautiful Flower and The Girl from the End of the World, which lit up the atmosphere on New Year’s Eve.He told netizens that cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Jinan allow people to touch history. “The name waidu Bridge is ironic, referring to a bridge that only foreigners can cross,” he said.”Einstein and Edison lived in Pujiang Hotel.””The Peace Hotel has two buildings, one in the middle and one in the west, and also contains the story of the struggle between ethnic capitalists and foreign capitalists.”While enjoying the night scenery of the Bund, telling stories, chatting about Chinese New Year dishes and singing songs, Dai Jun’s live broadcast is like a variation on the flavor of Shanghai New Year, bringing the netizens back to the streets of Shanghai in the 1920s.Netizens called the live show “full of content and tone!””Traditional is international.””Comedy open mic” produced by Sohu video was also invited to participate in “live with you Chinese New Year”.Xi ‘an Tang garlic shop manager Zhang Xiaolei connected Yangmei, Xu Jianzhen, Li Junwu and other north and south comedy, share the custom of the year around.Xu Jianzhen introduced, “Dalian folk more popular pasting color, genealogy, vertical lantern pole, put sea lanterns and other unique customs.”Li Junwu said, “On New Year’s Eve in rural areas of Changsha, every family needs to burn maple stump in the stove, this is called ‘annual wealth guy’.”Yang Mei, who loves laughing, said, “On the first day of the New Year, we Yibin people must have a bowl of burning noodles in the morning and at noon, which means long, long and auspicious.”Cao Yaqi, a well-known sports journalist, visited @Sohu sports Studio to comment on the holiday matches day by day and share the watching guide starting from the women’s football team’s victory over Vietnam.He said Gambia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Tunisia will go to the next round after the Africa Cup of Nations reaches the quarter-finals.World Cup qualifiers will also kick off, how far China can go in the round of 12, affecting people’s minds.In addition, NBA regular season, La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, so that the attention.”This year is a super strong situation, the first tier is definitely Watergate Bridge, and the Miracle Dumb kids, the Four Seas, these two good selling, very strong.””The Professional is expected to be a dark horse with the support of Ma Li and Mahua,” said movie blogger Dumou, who was asked to predict the end of the 2022 Spring Festival season.Sniper, directed by Zhang Yimou and his daughter, is also worth looking forward to.With high ticket prices and strong films, the box office will once again refresh the strongest Spring Festival.The TOP3 accounts for more than 80 percent of the box office.”This year’s Spring Festival is very crowded, and based on experience, it is likely that several films will be moved or withdrawn,” she added.”Bao Adults play science” appeared at 11 o ‘clock, Dr. Bao Kun of Cornell physics and chemistry sat in sohu video studio, explaining four classical physics theories.”Zeno’s tortoise can shrink the space and time into a single inch, the Laplace Beast can explain everything, Maxwell’s demon controls everything to reverse Yin and Yang, and Schrodinger’s cat can create the universe beyond life and death.””These four gods are both good and evil,” he said. “They trouble intelligent scientists and point the way for humans to evolve into gods.”Bao Kun pointed out that space can not be divided indefinitely. Dr. PI Xiaoxu, a dermatologist at Peking University People’s Hospital, shared the Spring Festival skin self-help guide.He says, want to do well to avoid excessive cleanness only, pay attention to fill water protect wet, do bask in bask in can rescue sensitive skin easily.”Acne is a disease,” he says. “You need a good dermatologist.”He also suggested paying more attention to balanced nutrition and eating more fruits and vegetables to help burn fat.Does mother-in-law and daughter-in-law contradiction really have no solution?”It’s not because you’re mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that you’re difficult to get along with.We don t get along well because our thoughts and actions don t match.Keep a “bowl of soup” away from your in-laws.This bowl of soup from his home to his parents-in-law, parents home, the soup is still warm.”Keep your own space and sometimes your mindset changes,” she says.”As long as the husband has a high eq, there will be no conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.””Being independent after marriage is the best medicine.”Live broadcast popularity all the way up.The Spring Festival holiday is also a high incidence of network fraud, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal Investigation Team deputy leader Ms. Zhao Wei guest @Sohu technology broadcast, revealed fake air tickets, killing pig plate, friends, investment, posing as public security law and other network fraud.”We’re not looking at everything that’s happening on all registered users’ phones to determine what’s involved.We are the reverse.”She also reminded netizens that “middle-aged and elderly people are not necessarily more likely to be cheated, but they are often timid and shy, not wanting to make trouble for their children and society, so they fall into the trap of cheaters.”In addition, digital expert Chang Xiaohang also shared how to teach parents how to use smartphones in simple ways.When buying a mobile phone for her parents, Chang reminded her users to “remember to stick an eye mask and don’t turn the screen too bright.”Pay attention to the front-line workers in the nursing home “Live with you to celebrate the New Year” pay tribute to the striver old people in the nursing home how to spend the Spring Festival?Sohu News connects fan Jinlin, the head of a nursing home for the post-1995 generation in Xuchang, Henan province, to pay attention to the daily life of the nursing home and the Story of the Spring Festival.This is also the “tribute to the Striver” live highlights.The footage shows the zigzag three-story building, clean and bright, decorated with lights, a table full of snacks and a big TV at full volume, and old people sitting around chatting.Shyly, the young director showed Internet users around the nursing home and answered their questions, saying, “Rooms will be allocated to the elderly according to their personalities, hobbies and needs.In general, the disabled elderly and healthy elderly should be divided into specific categories so that elderly people who share common topics can get together.”I get along very well with my grandmother, and I feel very close to the elderly community.In addition, hu Qiyue, general manager of Hu Jiaowen Brigade in Qingdao Aduo town, took netizens into duomin family to spend the New Year’s Eve and see what is different in rural areas.She believes that rural life not only makes traveling a fashionable life, but also makes “returning to the countryside and living in the countryside” a cultural pursuit because of this love, and truly understands the humanistic feelings of “this peaceful place is my hometown”.”Me and My New Year’s Eve” sohu signed artists Southeast and Northwest to accompany you to celebrate the New Year as the finale of this live activity, “Me and My New Year’s Eve” started at 20 o ‘clock and lasted until 0:30.By sohu signed artists Wei Ran, Liu Jiaxi, Li Sunny day, Yuan Ziming, Zhang Guansen, Sun Jiaqi, Sun Xi, Liu Shuai, Liu Fengqiao, Zhang Yanshu, Zhang Mengru in their live broadcast, share fun.”Bright red is hard to pull off. You need to match it with white and black,” said Wei, who shared his Spring Festival outfit.Red with black is a versatile match.One, it’s layered, and two, it’s less superficial.Personally, I prefer orange. It’s very classy and very white.If there are more Chinese elements, it will look traditional and fashionable.””The tenderness of tenderloin and the mellow aroma of aged vinegar are indispensable dishes for taiyuan people’s New Year’s Eve dinner,” said Liu.Sohu signed artist Wei Ran appeared in “Me and My New Year’s Eve” a person in Beijing New Year’s day “reverse” operation, spread dog food in the broadcast room, make fun of single people can only eat potato chips, teach net friends to eat snacks eat dog food drink free rice grab red packets.After 00 yuan Ziming recalls his childhood memory, game and animation, indispensable, besides favorite to play “every day cool run” and “saier number”, “fire bear” in the spirit of warm blood very stimulate his growth.Sun Xi zhi, who had a good performance in the costume fantasy drama My Pet Little General last year, also took to the livestream to review the topics of the Spring Festival Gala for netizens.Double star combination liu Shuai and Liu Fengqiao, two people talk about the difference between the north and south New Year folk diet.The most obvious difference, they say, is the small New Year, which falls on the 23rd day of the 12th month in the north and the 24th in the south, despite the custom of offering sacrifices to stoves and sweeping dust.New Year’s Eve to shousui, but the argument is different, the north called shousui, south called around the furnace.People in the north eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, and pay attention to the replacement of the old and the new.Southerners like to eat rice cake and tangyuan, and pay attention to promotion every year and family reunion.Zhang Yanshu also connected Zhang Mengru, chat about the northwest, northeast New Year’s day battle.Top ten school grass Zhang Guansen accompany netizens to recall those years of Spring Festival Gala music.He was impressed by the fighting spirit of Let’s Move, the national pride of Dragon Fist and the cheerfulness of Congratulations on Making a Fortune.He also impromptu captions of Blue and White Porcelain, Compendium of Materia Medica and Where Has The Time Gone, which drew praise and praise from netizens.Top ten school beauty contestant Sun Jiaqi, in recent years, in the “black and white”, “I became his teacher” and so on sohu homemade drama performance bright eye, she shares the secret treasures “Spring Festival”, remind don’t often make up the girl, “the day before to make up for 5-10 minutes of massage in the evening, apply deep hydrating mask again, then try to sleep early, in this way,The next day it will look better and better.”Adhering to the “value of live” concept sohu video continues to create high-quality live content cloud New Year, see Sohu live.As the strong broadcast IP of Sohu Video, the “Live With you in Chinese New Year” held for two consecutive years has become a phenomenon of Chinese People during the Spring Festival “live feast”, with good social response.In addition to epidemic prevention and health, there are more than 40 live broadcasts covering topics such as science, finance, emotion, entertainment, fashion, sports, food, mother and child, culture and tourism, which are fun, informative and public welfare to meet everyone’s comprehensive information and knowledge needs.With the progress of live broadcast technology, the form of media has undergone great changes. Sohu has incorporated live broadcast into video media, which, together with graphic information media, has become an extension of Sohu’s media platform.In addition, from the show to bring goods, live play is also full of tricks, Sohu video continues to promote the value of live concept, technology, knowledge, information transmission carrier, so that the audience can not only get the pleasure of entertainment, but also gain knowledge, improve skills, gain value.At present, sohu video has thousands of expert live broadcasters, involving various professional fields, covering all aspects of public life.Driven by multiple IP live shows such as “Live with You in Chinese New Year”, Sohu Video will continue to deepen its value, lead the development of value live platform with more stable and high-quality content output, and promote the development of China’s live broadcast ecology to a more diversified, high-quality and sustainable direction.