Not New Year’s Eve

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There is always a special day that you will never forget.New Year’s Eve, from the customs of the pre-Qin period.In addition to remove, xi is night, New Year’s Eve, also known as New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, is the end of the year, it is connected with the New Year end, that “poor old month do, get nearly late”, is the eve of the New Year.To New Year’s Eve, is the last day of the year, through Snow White, warm earth, people put up New Year pictures, paste Spring Festival couplets, the word “fu”, burning firecrackers, buy rich dishes, together, laugh freely, open a cup of drink, enjoy endless joy of ringing out the old and ringing in the new.”Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character “.The New Year’s Eve in my memory was busy as early as a few days ago, cleaning the room, steaming steamed buns, frying “burnt leaves” and wrapping “miansugar”.Preparing fish is inevitable, chopped fish pieces, accompanied by flour paste, egg paste, rolling in the pan to brown, dripping with oil out of the pot scene makes people from the bottom of the heart to the tip of the tongue.Often at this time, the total must pinch a piece, in the parents raise the palm of the laughter and scolding voice “run away”.Adults in busy, children and teenagers are not idle, in small groups, scattered to light firecrackers, throwing “bang”, make, shoving, teasing terrier, the joy of winter vacation superposition the joy of the New Year, make body and mind all day “fart dianpidian”.New Year’s Eve is the end of the year, is the day of reunion.No matter close at hand, or far away from the horizon, going home for the New Year, is every Chinese descendants lingering complex.”The hotel cold lights alone do not sleep, the heart of the guests turned sad.Hometown tonight think thousands of miles, frost temples Ming another year “.This poem by Gao Shi in the Tang Dynasty depicts the feelings of a wanderer who lived alone in a strange land and was homesick on New Year’s Eve.”A year will do night, thousands of miles did not return”, “township heart xinsui cut, day bank alone trickling down.”Nostalgia is a rope that keeps cutting. This is the root, and the other is the leaf swaying in the wind. No matter how far it is, it absorbs the SAP of the root that keeps flowing.Leaves yellow and green, fell to regenerate, because the root in.Who will kiss in the lamp?Who walks alone under the moon?The traveler has no home, forever on the road, no destination.New Year’s Eve is the end of the year, is the festive day.It’s lucky to be able to go home for Chinese New Year, and there’s no need to be sad if you can’t go home.”Today tonight, next year tomorrow.The cold goes with the night, and spring comes in the fifth night.”After tonight, it is another spring, spring is all things, is vitality, is hope.Tonight you are not, the Ming Dynasty and the day of reunion, are well, together will be far?Today and New Year’s Eve, Ming also New Year’s Eve, in or out, the day of spring, near and far you and I, when a round of sun and moon, a wisp of wind and light.New Year’s Eve Lunch New Year’s Eve dinner