Lanting Garden | New proposition of contemporary human settlement, health is the key word

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When bustling agitate times agitation repeatedly rise, “long be in fan cage” contemporary urbanite is all the more demanding to nature and health, these 2 points also became the leading role of contemporary human settlement.Mengda Group knows that the more expensive the city is, the more quality housing stands on the cloud, the more the ideal healthy living environment is needed, so we strive to be a new benchmark for healthy living.The sleepiness of living in the city for a long time has brought about sub-health. Looking at the reinforced concrete forest, the haze in my heart cannot be removed.At this time, the value of urban ecology is particularly important.It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the east, and duhaihe ecological green lung comes into sight, full of negative oxygen ions followed by the breeze slowly blowing, bringing you oxygen-rich life.Go out is the municipal planning park green space, but also adjacent to changdong Park, healthy ecology on the side, healthy life is not invited.Life in Lanting Jiayuan, you can hardly ignore the beauty of health garden, sunshine lawn, central meeting room, rain listening corridor, fitness area, whole age park, landscape green plants…So that you can enjoy every moment of your life.In their spare time, we will have a chat with some friends, and the children will release their vitality in the children’s playground, making their body and mind run in a natural, healthy and pleasant environment.The real comfort and health is to break away from the shackles of the material level and seek freedom and peace in spirit.What really determines the quality of a residence is not only the area and material, but also the insight into the life of the resident.Lanting Jiayuan carved products with more humanized details, to create the whole system of products large south face width, fully bright and transparent, the building from north to south, from high to low step by step, to give more sunshine in the house, health is not only the table, but also to repair inside and outside!Bring shorts group rendering subsoil liaocheng 21 years, followed The Times development, already walk in the forefront of the habitat changes, with the “science built home, healthy living” mission, with a forward-looking strategic vision about the liaocheng health residential demand, originality to create a light yue road provided good room – rings court jiayuan, to open your health to enjoy life!All superior room three wide down payment of 200000 from 1# building view floor, the city selling construction area of about 97-117 square meters wide view three ju, invite ya jian