Internet gambling patterns can’t escape the police

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Rule by law in Cyberspace: Shi Fei, a media reporter from The Rule of Law Daily, said, I can’t even dream of it. I lost all my money and borrowed money from online loan companies. I didn’t know it was a crime.The words of these painful heart, all come from the relevant suspect of network gambling case.Online gambling, ten bet ten lose, seriously harm the people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests, damage social integrity and social order, lead to victims trapped in the mire, with serious social harm.At the same time, online gambling is easy to induce other serious criminal crimes, and spawns a series of black and grey industries, seriously affecting social security.Since 2020, the public security organs of Yunnan province have been severely cracking down on cross-border and online gambling and related crimes in accordance with the law. By detecting a large number of cross-border and online gambling and related criminal cases, they have carried out in-depth crackdown on cross-border and online gambling “personnel chain”, “capital chain”, “technology chain” and “promotion chain”.We effectively safeguarded people’s property security and social stability.Chess game turns into casino “this game is too abominable, all my household belongings all lost, still borrowed money to net loan company, how should I do?”In May 2019, the police of The Public Security Bureau of Xundian County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, found that a large number of people in their area used a mobile App game named xundian Chess and Cards to conduct online gambling, causing extremely bad influence in the area.Search dian police via preliminary investigation, discover this gambling gang to a variety of network chess card gambling, development, attract many “members” gambling, step by step in accordance with the amount of wager from the draw, profiteering.”The gang is highly organized and adopts a ‘pyramid’ operation and management model. Its website and server are all based in Kunming.”Project police Chen Shunyao said, after more than half a year of hard and meticulous investigation, the task force in fully grasp the network gambling gang’s organizational structure, the main members of the grade, network site, criminal suspects, offline personnel and the basic situation of the evidence, developed a thorough arrest plan, decided to launch the net action,At one stroke, the gambling App r&d and operation gang and a number of lower-level agents were busted, and 67 suspects were arrested, and property worth more than 22.6 million yuan was seized, frozen and sealed.”It is really gratifying that the case has been solved.”Lu Yongchang, party secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department’s public security Management Team, told Rule of Law Daily that the development of the Internet and the popularity of smartphones in recent years have provided opportunities for crimes related to the Internet. Criminals have taken the opportunity to move casinos from offline to online, and a large number of online gambling apps have emerged in the mobile App market.”Such apps turn live gambling and ordinary chess and card games in overseas casinos into online casinos, which are easy for people to get used to and become addicted to. Moreover, online gambling platforms seek huge profits by developing agents at all levels and attracting members to participate in gambling, causing great harm to society and families.”Lu yongchang said.Have learned, in view of the network gambling crime internationalization and universal participation is prominent, the network gambling crime of high degree of specialization, the traditional and new gambling sites coexistence and characteristics of crime patterns of the unity of betting on fraud, yunnan police put the strike cross-border governance and Internet gambling illegal and criminal build the southwest security barrier the prominent position of planning as a whole,Taking the effectiveness of crackdown and governance as an important indicator to test the modernization of yunnan’s border area governance system and governance capacity, the government has taken comprehensive measures and made all-out efforts to overcome difficulties. Since 2020, it has successfully detected dozens of major online gambling cases with wide impact and great social harm, effectively cracking down on the brazenness of cross-border online gambling crimes.In the early years, overseas casinos used to develop agents in yunnan border cities and counties in the form of guessing “characters and flowers”, organizing gamblers to participate in overseas gambling or gambling by telephone, which once became the most popular “game” at that time.After the continuous crackdown by the public security organs, the phenomenon of overseas casinos using “zi hua” gambling has been effectively curtailed since 2010. However, in recent years, with the popularity of mobile Internet access and third-party payment settlement funds, “Zi Hua” gambling has become popular again.On March 11, 2021, the police of Shidian County Public Security Bureau, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, obtained an important criminal clue that an overseas casino had developed several gambling agents in China and used social groups to organize online gambling of “Zihua”.The county Lao Mai xiang Li mou and other people joined one of the involved social groups, and through the group of main agent, online betting, trading gambling, involving a large gambling fund.When Shidian police arrested Li and others according to the clues, they found that Li was only the lowest level member of the network gambling, and the whole case involved a complex hierarchy and a huge amount of funds is difficult to estimate.This case became a “key” to open the casino case.The police along li’s clues found that far in Lincang City Yang is Li’s online group, and only in Yang’s hands to establish the lower agent group has 11, Li is only one of the case.According to Yang mou account, from June 2020, its through the network to build a group to “word flower” gambling to accept betting, in accordance with the betting amount of 10% to 15% commission, profit more than 200,000 yuan.In order to facilitate management, Yang also commissioned far in Fujian a quick calculation team to provide its acting accounts, capital settlement.A police investigation found that the statistical software used by the team, independently developed by one of the computer science graduates, can automatically extract content from different social groups and make statistics on the data within the social groups.The group contacted overseas casinos and provided real-time information on the total amount of money, payouts, losses and gains of each “bet animal” and the settlement chart.Police investigation, involved in gambling involved in 12 cities of Yunnan province.As the investigation handles the thorough case, two network gambling chain involved in the main criminal all arrested, 3 criminal suspects under pressure to surrender.The electronic evidence obtained by the police in the two quick-calculation teams was loaded with 1T hard disks, and the investigation interrogation and a large amount of evidence verification tested the police’s ability to handle the case.According to the investigation, the average daily flow of gambling funds of the two teams is about 3 million yuan, and the transaction data of bank cards and other gambling funds of the two team leaders amounts to more than 600,000 pieces.The police of the task force combed every transfer information from morning till night every day, and interrogated and checked the suspects one by one in the detention house.One interview took more than four hours, and the most questioned suspect made nine statements.”We deal with money transfer data every day. We have to confirm the amount of each gambling transfer so that we can serve the litigation and bring the criminal suspects to justice. There is no room for any negligence.”Police chief Duan said the police had arrested 13 people and transferred them to prosecution, with 4 people awaiting trial on bail. The people’s Court has sentenced 2 people, with a total of 65 volumes and 13,000 pages.Network environment governance Chen Jiaqing ShiDian county public security bureau deputy commissioner, said the source, outside the casino to domestic penetration, through the network development network proxy to attract a large number of public participation in online gambling, only ShiDian county public security bureau to solve cross-border gambling since 2020 criminal cases have 37, 44 people were arrested suspect, detainment or freeze the funds more than 14.58 million yuan,324 bank accounts suspected of gambling were frozen.”At present, a large number of apps, social platforms and Internet homepages publish promotional videos on overseas gambling websites to promote the opening of casinos.According to the law, if more than 100 advertisements are placed on a gambling website, it is a joint crime for the crime of running a casino.Lu yongchang said that since 2021, yunnan police have cracked down on cross-border online gambling crimes, while also focusing on comprehensively cleaning up the source of the Internet environment, squeezing the living space of every gambling-related advertisement.According to statistics, since last year, yunnan Provincial Cyberspace Administration has cancelled the registration of 8 licensed websites, interviewed 13 person-times in charge of websites, and removed illegal App335 items.Lu Yongchang said that refuse to bet against gambling for education to guide the public, efforts to build “gambling is prohibited, dare not bet, don’t want to bet” atmosphere, yunnan police organization to develop the “national prohibition publicity week launch ceremony of” yunnan hall “the rule of law go hotel” theme activities such as “rule of law publicity and solid border”, article printed prohibition signs of more than 59000, more than 41000 posters,It played more than 62,000 short videos, posted more than 57,000 qr codes of the publicity and reporting platform, vigorously exposed online gambling cases and dangers, and achieved good publicity effect of banning gambling.Source: China