“Auntie, you slow down, I help you…”Qingdao bus carriage frequency now love and respect the old wind

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Qingdao Daily/View sea news February 20 – in recent days, the island city bus carriages frequently staged the wind of loving the elderly and respecting the elderly civilization.”Aunt, you slow down, I’ll take it!”On the afternoon of February 18, a warm scene happened in no. 102 bus: Qu Fengbin, driver of No. 102 bus company of Licang Bus Company of City Transport Holding Group, helped special passengers to carry heavy objects on the bus and find seats for them.This heart-warming gesture not only moved the old man, but also taught the apprentice a vivid lesson of high-quality civilized service.In order to ensure that newly hired bus drivers have excellent driving skills and excellent service awareness, Licang Bus Company makes “old” drivers teach driving skills and service skills to newly hired drivers through the form of “mentor and apprentice”, so as to promote the improvement of bus travel service.Below the arrangement of the company, qu Fengbin, a party member who served 16 years in the army, accepted the mission of leading a disciple.On the same day, Qu’s apprentice Liu Lunbo drove bus No. 102 from Hushan Road shunhe Branch to Jinyuan Community.At about 16:12, the vehicle ran to The Hong Kong East Road Haier Road station, an old man carrying two bags of weight ready to get on the bus.Handicapped by her legs, she paused for a moment in front of the car door, looking very labored.”Aunt, you slow down, I’ll take it!”Seeing this, Qu Fengbin quickly stepped forward to take the weight, and carefully warned.After taking the weight from the old man, Qu Fengbin turned to his apprentice and said, “Wait a minute. Wait until you are seated before starting the car.”After arranging the old man to sit beside the special seat, Qu fengbin helped the old man to sit down, and then carefully put the goods at the old man’s feet.Seeing two drivers in the car, the old man was full of doubts.Qu Fengbin hurriedly explained to the old man that he was taking apprentices to practice.After understanding the situation, the old man was touched and said: “It’s cold recently, and my leg started to hurt again. Thank you, young man.”Qu fengbin said that as a bus driver, he should take the initiative to help elderly people with mobility difficulties or passengers in need of help, which is a small thing, I don’t need to thank you.”There are all kinds of accidents while driving a bus.Compared with other bus drivers, bus drivers should not only master good driving skills, but also have the corresponding service ability.When there are special groups such as the old and the weak, we should start with a greeting and a helping hand.”Qu Fengbin said to Liu Lunbo.”From my teacher, I not only learned excellent driving skills, but also the excellent quality of being willing to help others, which gave me a deeper thinking and understanding of the bus driver profession.”Liu Lunbo said that in the future, he will learn from his teacher, Qu Fengbin, and strive to improve service awareness, so that passengers can enjoy a warm travel experience.”Auntie, you slow down, I help you…”An octogenarian had difficulty getting on the bus because of his legs.When zhou Xianwen, the driver on duty, saw this, he took the initiative to help the old man on the bus and took care of him all the way.This is happening in the city transport holding bus group 364 road car warm heart scene.On the morning of February 14, Zhou Xianwen drove no.364 bus from Nanfeng Road to Shimei ‘an Park as usual.At about 7:40, when the vehicle arrived at the North Shengli Bridge station, he found an old man in a red down jacket in front of the vehicle moving with difficulty, and seemed to be driving his own vehicle.”She looked to be in her 80s and was carrying a shopping cart. She had to support the handle of the cart as she walked.”Zhou Xianwen recalled.”Auntie, you slow down, I help you…”Seeing this, he immediately stopped the car to help, and tried to put his arm on the other side and help him into the car.”When I came to the old woman’s side, I found that her legs and feet could hardly help her, so I changed a way and put her on the car in front of the old woman with both hands.It is my duty as a driver to take care of passengers with special needs.”Zhou xianwen said that after getting on the bus, he arranged a convenient location for the old man to get off, and silently wrote down the other person’s stop.Zhou Xianwen is ready to get up and help the old man to get off the bus when it reaches Qingdao No. 3 Middle School station.Unexpectedly, the old man has got off the bus with the help of warm-hearted passengers.Zhou xianwen was moved by this.Zhou xianwen, 44, has been working in the public transport industry for 13 years and was awarded the title of “Model of Honest Service” by Shandong Provincial Urban Public Transport Association in 2021.Shibei bus sixth branch party branch deputy secretary Solution Weiwei said, Zhou Xianwen is simple, low-key, usually work seriously practical.This is not the first time he has helped passengers. Passengers often call and write to praise him.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News Reporter Zhou Jianliang Correspondent Wang Zhengyu Song Xiaorui)