After my divorce, I met an unmarried man who was 10 years older than me. When I met her family, I used a trump card

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When my bestie heard that I had brought my in-laws from the countryside to our home in the city, she suddenly stopped eating dessert.Then she quickly chewed up the dessert and swallowed it, saying in a voice that was too strong for steel, are you stupid?Why didn’t you talk to me about this?I wish I didn’t have to live with my in-laws.What was going through your mind when you went to fetch the in-laws?Lu Sheng didn’t force you, did he?I stared at her one eye, nonsense what, Lu Sheng will not force me to do WHAT I do not want to do.The bestie sighed, then said incredulously, are you sure you can handle it?I said, don’t worry, if you’d met his parents, you wouldn’t be worried.In fact, bestie’s worry is normal, after all, I and Lu Sheng’s marriage status is quite special.It was Lu Sheng’s first marriage and he was 10 years older than me, while I had been divorced once.In fact, Lu Sheng is quite a nice man. When he fell in love with me at first sight, he was still a small boss with stable career development.I had just been divorced for two years and was in a state of rejection of love and even marriage.However, in the face of Lu Sheng’s persistence, I still have some heart.Especially after listening to Lu Sheng talk about his life, I in addition to appreciate him, but also love dearly.Who said, when a woman to a man has a distressed feelings, that is the beginning of love.I really decided to have a relationship with Lu Sheng because I went to his hometown to relax and watched him get along with his family.Funnily enough, my first marriage ended because of my in-laws.The second marriage, also because of her husband’s family began.In fact, Lu Sheng is an orphan. His so-called relatives don’t pay much attention to him. He grew up on a family diet.In that year, every family was busy making a living, and Lu Sheng was always in a state of not having a next meal.One day, When Lu Sheng was walking around alone and reached his in-laws’ house, it suddenly rained heavily.Lu Sheng hid in the doorway of his in-laws’ house, but the rain and the wind made Lu Sheng shiver all over with cold.Later, Lu Sheng said that the fate between people is made in heaven.It was going to rain because it had given him a chance to live.At that time, his in-laws saw Lu Sheng hiding at the gate and asked him which village he came from. Lu Sheng shook his head and said nothing.The in-laws called him in to give him a hot bath and handed him a clean suit.When Lu Sheng came out of the bath, her mother-in-law brought a bowl of hot noodles to the table.When Lu Sheng saw the steaming bowl of noodles, he couldn’t help but swallow, but he still didn’t dare to eat.His in-laws urged him to hurry up and Lu Sheng picked up the bowl without refusing and began to tuck into the noodles.Later, a well-fed Lu Sheng told his in-laws that his home was in the next village, and they took him to lu’s.After learning all the information, the in-laws felt that they had a destiny with Lu Sheng. With the consent of lu’s relatives, Lu Sheng came to the in-laws’ home and became a member of the family.04 no parents of children are always easy to be bullied, who is good to him he will remember the kindness for a lifetime.Lu Sheng is such a person.Lu Sheng often said that the icing on the cake may not be true to you, but the friendship must be remembered forever.It is said that parents are role models for children, and the kind-hearted in-laws treat Lu Sheng as if he were his own.His parents had three children, and Lu sheng’s arrival added to the family’s burden.But Lu sheng feels no injustice at home.His brothers and sisters had them, and So did Lu Sheng.Even the opportunity to study is also, plus Lu Sheng a total of four children, all have, equally.So, you can imagine how hard the in-laws were.So much so that, among their peers, the in-laws look significantly older than everyone else by 10 years.However, the boy was young, frivolous and even ignorant, and his in-laws were also worried about Lu Sheng.Lu Sheng disappointed his in-laws in his studies because of his poor grades.His in-laws even yelled at Lu sheng once: “If you don’t study, what can you do in the future?Can you just leave us alone?But some people really have no talent for reading.After lu Sheng graduated from junior high school, no matter how his in-laws persuaded him, lu Sheng did not intend to continue studying.After graduating from junior high school, Lu Sheng was like a kite with a broken line. The sky was high and he flew away.He knows how hard his in-laws work and how important money is.He had always dreamed of making lots and lots of money and not having to make his in-laws secretly sigh or blame himself for not giving his four children a good living.Although he was the youngest, Lu Sheng had a dream that he wanted to be the pillar of the family.After graduation, Lu Sheng went to Guangzhou. He did all kinds of work and was very strict with himself. He wanted to spend half of every penny.Opportunities always come to those who are willing to work hard and honest.After ten years of work, Lu Sheng finally met a contractor who knew him well and started from scratch.It took 10 years for lu sheng to see hope for the future, and he was already in his 30s.Her parents-in-law are living in the countryside for the aged, and the other three elder brothers and sisters are also getting married in different cities and working hard for their own small families.The only thing the in-laws were worried about was Lu Sheng’s marriage.Lu Sheng always said that he did not meet the right person, money matters.This year, Lu Sheng was 35 years old and I was 25 years old. It had been two years since the divorce.I am a native of Guangzhou. It is not said that guangzhou people wear flip-flops, or low-key rich people.I’m just the daughter of an ordinary family.And The understanding of Lu Sheng, also because of friends pull a bridge.Lu Sheng fell in love with me at first sight and made it clear that he wanted to date me.At the time, I was divorced, but I thought I was only 25. How could I accept a man 10 years older than me?Moreover, Lu Sheng had never been married.I don’t want to be inferior to Lu Sheng.So I gave him a flat no.Even though, in the face of Lu Sheng, I was a little tempted.But once bitten, twice shy.I don’t want to get divorced again.Lu Sheng was undaunted and still appeared by my side as a friend.But he cared more about me than just being friends.I don’t like this state, is boyfriend and girlfriend is, if not, to maintain a proper distance.In order to give Lu Sheng a xiama Wei, I directly proposed that I was going to travel for relaxation, and wanted to go to Lu Sheng’s hometown to see.One is to see Lu Sheng’s hometown, if it is really not good, to reject Lu Sheng, let him give up.Second, I also want to see what kind of parents raise a man like Lu Sheng.Because objectively speaking, Lu Sheng is a good man.Lu Sheng was very happy. He took me back to his in-laws’ home.He hadn’t told his in-laws that I was coming, so they were surprised and happy to see me.My mother-in-law kept holding my hand and repeatedly said, “Ah Sheng of our family has never brought a girl back, and you are the first one.At the time, I couldn’t believe it.At least he’s in good shape, and he’s getting old.Not even a blind date?My mother-in-law seemed to take a fancy to my mind and sighed. Sheng was a stubborn child from childhood. He said no dating means no dating.Say what should make good money first, then fall in love, otherwise it is not responsible to oneself and others.As a matter of fact, it was me and his father who dragged him down. Ashin wanted to make a lot of money to pay us back.What parents want most is for their children to be safe and healthy and have a family.Money is not money, enough is good.Lu Sheng said with a smile that feelings depend on fate, I didn’t meet fate in the past.There it is. I’ll bring it back soon.I blushed.Her mother-in-law smiled and said, yes, it is fate.Ah Sheng has a good eye.Father-in-law didn’t say a word, but he will take fruit and melon seeds from the kitchen in front of me, a vigorously told me to eat more, don’t be hungry.Then he came into the kitchen and said he would prepare a delicious meal for me.Looking at their friendly appearance, I felt quite comfortable.But I still threw out my ace in the hole.That’s what I said to my mother-in-law, Aunt. To tell you the truth, I got divorced once. Did Lu Sheng ever tell you?Her mother-in-law froze, then shook her head and said, Sheng did not tell me anything.I smiled, then said, in fact, I have my pride.I may be divorced, but I don’t feel inferior.Remarry I also want to choose a person, won’t marry oneself casually go out.I’m 10 years old, and I’m in no hurry to get married.But, I admit, Lu Sheng is a really nice guy.He thinks you should marry someone you like, and I think that’s right.But in my experience, marriage is a matter of two families, and both parents have to approve of it.Auntie, what do you think?(This article is to be continued.)