You are not your success, you are not your failure

2022-09-08 0 By

I’ve been so confused lately.The other day, I saw the zodiac and told me to get rid of the cowardice in 2021 and boldly seize the opportunity.He shot himself.2021 was the year of my greatest cowardice and inconfidence, and the year of my greatest hatred of myself.A few days ago in the headlines to find a variety of articles, I hope to enlighten myself, did play some role, such as: when they are in the downturn, do not compete with those who are high.For example, people read more when they are confused and so on.Do all kinds of psychological construction, MY heart is really a lot better.Today, I picked up “Meeting the Unknown Self” again, this is at least the fifth time I read this book, and I have some new insights.You are not your performance. You are not your success. You are not your failure.These external things can not shake your inner true self, do not know the identity of the ego.2. The subconscious is the automatic navigation system of our life.This automated process is our life pattern, and life pattern = disposition x external circumstances x various educations x life events x karma from past lives.It’s a multiplication sign instead of a plus sign, so it’s complicated with a lot of variables.3. If you do something over and over again, there are physiological long-term, permanent connections between certain nerve cells. For example, if you are angry, frustrated, miserable and miserable every day, then you are wiring and rewiring that neural network over and over again every day.This becomes one of your emotional patterns (well, it feels like this every time I spend time with my son) of confusion. Read more, think more, fret less, and deny yourself less.I’m sure I’ll get better after a while.