What is sun Tzu’s method of being superior?

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What is sun Tzu’s method of being superior?In Sun Tzu’s art of War, the means of leading an army is to attack and plan.A famous strategist in ancient China once said that the best way to use military force is to defeat the enemy’s plans by strategy and win.In addition, cutting, cutting troops and attacking cities are often used as military means for marching, fighting and arranging troops.And the expedition is one of the most superior and clever military methods and means.In the original text of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, it is said that a skillful soldier can subdue his enemies without resorting to campaigns or wars.It tells people to use wisdom to do things, this is the most intelligent means.Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a book which records various strategies and tactics of war and exerts great influence on later generations.Konosuke Matsushita of Japan said that it is the first god in the world. Emperor Taizong of Tang dynasty said that “there is no sun Wu out of all military books”. Nixon quoted many remarks of Sun Tzu in his works.A brief introduction to Sun Tzu’s art of War?First, the author.This military work was written by Sun Wu, a famous ancient Chinese strategist.Because of its great achievements and contributions in the military and art of war, people give it a high evaluation, such as the Master of War, the Hundred Masters of War and so on.Second, the creation background.Sun Wu was born in the Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China, which was a time of war when princes contended for hegemony.Therefore, the social cultural environment was relatively loose, and various thoughts and doctrines were very prosperous and active, which provided necessary social conditions for the advent of Sun Tzu’s art of War.In addition, Sun Wu was born in a military family and received good family education at an early age, so he had unique congenital conditions, which was also an important condition for sun Tzu’s art of War.Third, the main content.In this ancient book of war, various strategies and methods for marching and fighting, arranging troops and formations are recorded.The book contains about 6,000 words and is divided into 13 volumes.These contents can be divided into five areas, they are strategic operations, battlefield changes, special warfare, battle command and military geography.The book explains the use of strategy, the investigation and analysis of the enemy’s situation and the deployment of various military tactics.