What are the chances of success on the Taiwan Straits issue?Us media delineated the focus: the helicopter is the key

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What is the future direction of the Taiwan issue?The US media and local media are always complicit in maliciously hyping up cross-Straits relations.Recently, a website in the United States repeated the same trick, and published an article about the success rate of the PLA special Operations forces landing “quick attack platform”.It should be noted that the article has a very clear theme: the use of helicopters for “fast attacks” by PLA special operations forces is the focus of the Taiwan Straits issue, and the island has previously paid a lot of attention to the PLA aircraft carriers or surface ships, which is not correct.So, has the US media got its priorities right this time?Actually to tell you the truth, for I love you, the understanding of the media is not only very one-sided, and render the “threat”, so say, because both Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States no sea-crossing assault operations experience, its basically do not have any reference value evaluation, and such a prominent army helicopters, also just gave us a wake,The US military is likely to focus mainly on PLA air power for some time.There is no denying the fact that if we really use force to solve the problem of the Taiwan strait, the army is definitely a steer clear of the island unit fortified points, control of an important force in the island’s strategic position, on the one hand is because the island’s area is not large but that many mountains, rivers, complex environment, is not suitable for a large number of mechanized troops maneuvering, on the other hand because of the helicopter is very fast,It’s about 10 times faster than a landing craft.As a result, it only takes about an hour to cross the strait, and only about three hours to travel back and forth, including refueling and loading time.It is from this we can see a thing, the helicopter is really can be used as our military landing operations carrier platform.But at the same time, we need to recognize that a problem, although in the direct – 9 project have difficulty in certain scale formation, the m – 171 and 8 high to landing site requirement, we can for – 10 straight, straight – 19, straight – 20 these a few helicopters entrusts with an important task, but must be clear that we still have two openings helicopter aspects:Large transport helicopters, naval helicopters.Don’t be fooled, because the lack of transport helicopters means that our army aviation is underequipped.You can imagine, if – 10 straight, straight – 19 mount rockets, anti-tank low-altitude sea-skimming missile penetration, and routes in specific waters of autonomous planning attacks, attacks on the island’s tanks, fortifications, but if the army alone now airland department, landing force or slightly thin, after all, if the United States want to borrow the admixture,The U.S. military can transport a battalion of an air assault brigade on a 20-ton CH-47 transport helicopter and lift it with m77A2105mm assault guns and Humvees.However, for now, we can only hope that the Z-8L has not been officially commissioned into our army.Coincidentally, the lack of naval helicopters also means that our amphibious aviation force is underequipped and underpowered.It is also understood that landings across the sea are not just for Army aviation, but also for the Marine Corps, which, embarrassingly, does not have any aviation units under its command. If there is a need for helicopters, it is from other parts of the Navy.However, from the perspective of the situation of the transfer, it is generally only the z-8 with limited cargo space, which is not suitable for the amphibious assault transport mission, and the Z-9 with relatively low load and range. In this way, if the Marine Corps only uses helicopters, it is afraid that the firepower is insufficient.So from these two points, there are still some deficiencies in Chinese military helicopters, which are not as alarmist as the US side has been. From this point, we can see that the US side is just playing up the so-called “China threat theory” once again., of course, we are insufficient in helicopters, but in terms of cross-sea combat, the people’s liberation army to more services, more direction, into system dispatched troops to compensate for the short board, such as in the east zone on opposite sides of the Taiwan strait, and north and south two “weng zhong zhuo bie” exercise, while many ships have interference on enemy aircraft, radar tracking, main gun shooting,At the same time, the attack helicopter went to sea for training, and carried out precision strikes on the island targets and landed personnel to occupy the island.Obviously, such a clearly targeted operational exercise is more reliable and powerful than the “focus on helicopter demarcation” said by the US side.Therefore, when it comes to Taiwan issues, the PLA’s success is not the probability, but the duration of success.As for the US, the PLA will not be polite if it dares to make a fuss over our bottom line.So here a mu or give the United States an old Chinese saying, called “the wise man is a hero”, after all, to break the lies woven by the United States and someone in the island, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army only need to speak with strength.