Warning (45) smart phone really happy, missing people watch video

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The year of the Tiger has entertainment. The twelfth month of the twelfth month put up the lantern shed, walking through the streets without getting sick.Smart phone really happy, missing people watch video.Go out in winter must be cold, warm room to watch the Olympics.Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics Beijing Winter Olympics Beautiful poses Beautiful poses are difficult to master and require balance.Balance and beauty are needed everywhere in life.For example, if the table or chair is crooked, it’s not a matter of ugliness, it’s a matter of safety.This kind of thing can be seen everywhere in life.The danger lies in the imbalance, and so does our body – the internal organs of the body are balanced by Yin and Yang, acid and base.Again external temperature is appropriate, the negative oxygen ion of air, still have the adjustment of state of mind — for example, have that word: calm nature is cool, it is a kind of adjustment of state of mind.One’s state of mind is very important to the inner balance of one’s body.Winter Olympic Games inside the project looked so beautiful, on the ice movement posture like flying swallow, so freely, so optional.And skiing dancing, which is the highest dancing as a wingless person.These beautiful poses are the result of mastering your body’s balance.Snow and ice bring us so much joy, so much freedom and breathing.Welcome to 2022.Happy New Year, Happy New Year!Thanks to Toutiao