Tussah water to promote the storm flood disaster recovery and reconstruction

2022-09-08 0 By

Zhashui County focused on the needs of the masses, coordinated the work force, accelerated the implementation progress, comprehensively promoted the 2021 storm and flood disaster post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work, to ensure the normal production and life of the masses.Tussah county set up the “overall situation of a chess game” thinking, in the face of work involving a wide range of funds gap is larger actual, docking superior departments, county each point, find out the bottom number, formulate plans, do a good job in the early work.Around post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction, determine the affected people basic life safeguard, repair damaged housing reconstruction, the damaged public facilities reconstruction, recovering damaged transport infrastructure, enhance the level of water conservancy facilities, flood control and disaster relief, support, industry development, strengthening the construction of comprehensive ability to prevent natural disasters and the safe and orderly the relocation 8 aspects, such as the key in a comprehensive way,Through preliminary research, mid-term analysis and follow-up analysis, we will fully understand the scope of damage and the extent of damage caused by torrential rains and floods, accelerate the decomposition of funds and projects, strictly control the implementation progress, and make every effort to promote post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.We will improve the working mechanism of county-level coordination, county-level hosting, department-level coordination, and social participation, strengthen financial support, ensure factors of production, and coordinate work, and make every effort to ensure the completion of 29 ongoing projects in two categories of post-disaster recovery and reconstruction by the end of 2022.