The highest increase of nearly 7000 yuan?New energy vehicle price rises continue to spread wuling Nano EV system

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Entering 2022, many consumers did not think that they were optimistic about the price of new energy vehicles.A car user said that before the optimistic xiaopeng P7 rose more than 5000 yuan, other brands of new energy vehicles have also risen in price, which will be forced to spend more money to buy a car.Recently, another new energy model announced a price increase, Wuling officially announced that the Nano EV system rose 3000 yuan, the guide price is adjusted to 528-62,800 yuan.For the price adjustment, SAIC-GM-Wuling said that mainly because of the impact of subsidy withdrawal, in addition to new energy vehicles raw material prices are also one of the reasons.Prior to this, due to the state subsidy backpedal, raw material prices and other factors, Tesla, Nezha Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, BYD and many other new energy vehicle companies have announced price increases.Variety of “price surge” in the price of the car enterprises, some of the car enterprises directly price, but also in the designated date of their own pocket, of course, there are also through the replacement of new products, in short, the price has become the normal of new energy vehicles.Before New Year’s Day, Tesla raised the price of its Model 3 to 255,652 yuan and the price of Model Y to 287,752 yuan. The price increase is also due to the withdrawal of subsidies.The subsidy price difference that enterprises “pay out of their own pocket” for the transition period includes Xiaopeng Automobile and NIO Automobile, etc. Xiaopeng Automobile has issued a time-limited insurance policy for the subsidy retreat, and users who subscribe from the end of December 2021 to 24 January 10, 2022 can enjoy the subsidy of 2021 standard, which is also a disguised subsidy from their own pocket.However, since January 11, xiaopeng Motor’s Xiaopeng P7, Xiaopeng P5 and Xiaopeng G3i have all increased their prices by 5,900 yuan at most and 4,300 yuan at least.Relative to the new forces of car manufacturing, traditional car companies are given a longer transition period.Byd auto announced on February 1 that it will adjust the official guide prices of new energy models on Dynasty network and Haiyang Network, with the increase ranging from 1,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan.Euler motor is after February 28, its good cat, black cat and other models to raise prices, or about 3000-5000 yuan.Among car companies that did not announce price increases, Zero Race chose to directly adjust the price of 2021 T03 from 59,800 yuan to the price of 2022 T03 from 68,900 yuan, through upgrading models.Visiting the car market during the Spring Festival, we also found that many new energy models have very little discount, of course, more models have raised their prices, which also makes consumers unexpected.The price of many models is higher than 5400 yuan, because in addition to the state subsidy retrograde, the cost of raw materials is also increasing significantly.New car price increase has little impact on the car market. Many people have questions. Will the competitiveness of new energy vehicles be competitive after the price increase?What will be the impact on the new energy vehicle market?In this regard, cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that with the implementation of new energy subsidies, some models of fine tuning, consumer mentality has also changed, the demand for new energy vehicles will still be slightly affected.However, new energy vehicles continue to be hot, and there are a large backlog of early undelivered orders, so the sales of most new energy models will not be significantly affected by the downturn.In fact, the subsidy retreat has a small impact on strong car companies such as traditional car companies and new car manufacturing forces. Although the subsidy will be reduced by 30% relative to 2021, the absolute amount of subsidy retreat is not large compared to the vehicle price.Because these car companies have reached a certain height of brand awareness, and new car sales in the new energy vehicle market ranked first.So, although the hand subsidy is less, but relatively speaking, it can still save a certain cost.In addition, it is worth noting that although subsidies are retreating, relevant departments are promoting new energy vehicle license plates, right of way, purchase restrictions, parking exemptions and other related preferential policies to stimulate new energy vehicle consumption.On January 18, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven departments issued the implementation Plan to promote green consumption, the plan proposed to vigorously develop green transportation consumption, vigorously promote the promotion of new energy vehicles, gradually lift local restrictions on the purchase of new energy vehicles, promote the implementation of free driving, right of way and other support policies.We will strengthen the development of supporting infrastructure such as electricity charging, new energy storage and hydrogenation, and actively promote the development of LNG for vehicles and ships.We will promote the pilot application of the electric-conversion model for new energy vehicles, and carry out the demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles in an orderly manner.From another point of view, subsidy regression also plays a role in promoting the development of car enterprises, those new energy car enterprises that only rely on subsidies are bound to be eliminated.That is to say, limited resources should be given to the hands of real car companies, so that they can achieve better development, so that good money drives out bad money, which promotes the benign development of the market and helps the industry to move forward.Of course, in 2022, China’s new energy vehicle market is uniformly optimistic, a number of institutions predict that the sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 5 million, if this level is reached, China’s new energy vehicle sales will achieve the 2025 target proposed by the state three years in advance.In view of the current good market environment, new energy vehicle enterprises to stand firm, must be bigger and stronger, improve the competitiveness of the product has become the goal of efforts.To sum up, in the past year, the sales of new energy vehicles in China have greatly improved, and the revenue of some car companies has also risen. However, due to the impact of chip shortage and raw material rise, there is no substantial increase in net profit.And the price rise of new energy vehicles, to a certain extent to ease the pressure on profits, the impact on the market will not have a big fluctuation, car companies will launch more competitive models in 2022 to meet the different car buying needs of consumers.