The elephant foot offers a cannon to astonish, attack its unprepared surprise, exquisite peerless wonderful in taking advantage of the situation

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The black is 9 into 7, how should the red go?Black horse double gun 3 pawn whole person elephant, son force deployment without attack strength;The red horse double artillery and double soldiers are all official phase, one soldier less, but the layout is obviously superior, frontal attack and kill, the combination of the horse double artillery is exquisite beyond compare, three to hit the pawn, and the gun five into one, as the foot of the gun, black as the elephant 3 into 5, the horse five into six kill;Black such as pawn 5 even 6, the cannon four retreat five, you can seek a gun.Actual combat moves are: 1. Cannon five into a pawn 5 flat 6.2. Four guns retreated five, and the Red side took advantage of the opportunity to kill, cleverly designed a gun, sure to win.Five into a gun, “attack its unprepared, surprise”, exquisite beyond compare!Subtle subtle in the potential, stable rear defense, the combination of the horse double gun relationship, the means of attack is very hidden, a move, black to deal with no choice.