Several Century Hualian stores in Shanghai were fined for charging high delivery fees

2022-09-08 0 By

In response to public opinion reports that several franchise stores of Century Hualian in Shanghai raised delivery prices and charged high delivery fees, the Shanghai Municipal Market Regulation Bureau promptly launched an investigation and handling on the same day.The century Hualian Franchise store on Xizang North Road adjusted the calculation method of online delivery fee on app of a certain platform under the condition that the price of goods sold in delivery remains unchanged.From 22:44 on March 27, 2022 to 11:57 on March 28, 2022, the original delivery cost of about 15 yuan per order will be significantly increased to 88 yuan to 188 yuan per order, with the highest increase of more than 10 times.During the above period, the store had a total of 44 orders with high delivery fees, and the delivery fees collected totaled 4,872 yuan, among which the actual delivery fees paid to riders totaled 856.5 yuan, and the illegal income was 4,015.5 yuan.From 11:38 on March 28, 2022 to 14:44 on March 28, 2022, Zhang artificially raised the original delivery fee of 20-35 yuan to 50 yuan, 60 yuan, 88 yuan and 100 yuan per order under the condition of unchanged commodity price, delivery range, distance and weather conditions, and the delivery fee increased by as much as 3 times.During the above period, the shop completed 12 orders with high delivery fees and collected a total of 1,038 yuan of delivery fees, among which the actual delivery fees paid to riders were 153.5 yuan and the illegal income was 884.5 yuan.Century Hualian Hongkou Franchise store concluded a delivery order with a delivery fee of 500 YUAN on March 28, 2022. However, the party concerned contacted the consumer in time after finding the problem and has returned the delivery fee voluntarily.The century Hualian Franchise stores on Xizang North Road and Liuzhou Road substantially increased distribution costs and drove up the prices of related livelihood commodities in disguised form during the epidemic period, which is suspected of violating the Relevant provisions of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Administrative Punishment Provisions on Price Violations, and constitutes price gouging.On March 29, the city market regulatory authority in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations have respectively during the preceding to the administrative penalty hearing told book, ordered the hualian Tibet road shop, liuzhou road shop correction and return more than the price, for no refund upon the completion of the charge, the price will be confiscated according to law, to century hualian Tibet road shop at five times the illegal income derived therefrom thus fine,The total amount is RMB 20,077.5 yuan, and the maximum fine of RMB 4422.5 yuan, which is 5 times the illegal income of Liuzhou Road store of Century Hualian.Century Hualian Hongkou store was criticized and educated for timely returning the overcharged distribution fees to consumers before the investigation and treatment by the market supervision department, and was ordered to make corrections immediately, and publicly apologize to the society in the form of video recordings to eliminate the adverse effects.In addition, it was found in the investigation that zhongjing Century Hualian Supermarket Chain Co., LTD., the franchisor of the relevant franchise stores, failed to put on record with the competent commercial authorities as required. On the same day, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau notified the relevant clues to the Beijing market supervision department.(Original title: “Notice on High Distribution Fees charged by Several Franchise Stores of Century Hualian”)