Russian students at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics: Looking forward to showing China to the world

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Alex (first from left) performs at the volunteer ceremony for the Winter Olympics at Peking University.Beijing, February 4 (Xu Jing Du Yan) between the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” and Peking University, ready to rehearse performances at any time…Alex, a Russian girl, has a tight schedule these days.Now in her sixth year in China, she is a graduate student at Peking University’s School of Journalism and Communication.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, she will perform as a representative of college students.She said the opening ceremony performers have rehearsed at least three times a week since November, and spent most of the winter vacation in the bird’s Nest.Although very hard, but can represent the school, as a Russian student to participate in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, she felt honored.Alex (first from right) is recording the music video for the Winter Olympics song “Beauty and Togetherness”.”I hope that with the efforts of every actor, we can do a good job in this matter and give a beautiful performance to Chinese and foreign friends at the beginning of Spring.”She said.Zhang Yimou, chief director of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said in an interview that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will tell about the common spirit and concept of mankind from the perspective of “us” and the community of a shared future for mankind, which reflects China’s cultural confidence.Together into the future, is “we” together into the future.The cast of the opening ceremony embodies the power of “we”.Alex said that he participated in the program, the actors are students from various universities in Beijing, these young people from all over the world gathered in the “Bird’s Nest”, itself conveys the Olympic spirit of “more unity”.Alex’s “China complex” is closely related to the Olympics.During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as an elementary school student, she watched on television the giant “scroll” unfurling and people walking on the rising blue planet.She was deeply shocked by Chinese culture, and the seeds of studying in China were planted in her heart.In 2015, China won the bid to host the 24th Winter Olympic Games. Alex, a senior in high school, wondered if she could register for the games in 2022 if she were in China.”I never imagined that one day I would be able to perform as an actor in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”Alex, who came to China to study, received an invitation from Peking University in September last year for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Eventually, she became one of the school’s 15 performers for the opening ceremony.When asked how she felt about studying in China, Alex recalled that during last year’s National Day holiday, she and a group of pKU students went to Xinjiang for research.The places they visited and the people they met during the survey showed them an open, inclusive and diverse Xinjiang, “quite different from what we usually read in some Western media.”Alex (first from right) and singer Sun Nan are recording the music video for the Winter Olympics song “Beauty and Togetherness”.Respondents said Peking University was more like Alex’s “second home” in China.Alex used wechat moments to show her friends and relatives daily life. On campus, she gave her best wishes to the “ice generation” at the volunteer launching ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and expressed her confidence that “Peking University youth are ready” in the 20-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Outside the campus, she and singer Sun Nan recorded the Winter Olympics song “Beauty and Beauty together” MV, and international youth exchange camp with young people from all over the world learning experience……She observed China, recorded China and introduced China.Alex loves Chinese history, art and literature, which she thinks is the best way to “understand” China.She also follows the development of ice sports in China.In the past six months, she has participated in many winter Olympics-related activities, such as qiaobo Ski Resort in Beijing and Shijingshan Citizen Ice and Snow Sports Center, witnessing China’s vision of “bringing 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” become a reality.”I see a lot of venues, even malls, there are a lot of kids skating and skiing.Weiming Lake ice rink is full of skaters every day.”Before coming to China, Alex had no idea that ice skating, skiing and curling were possible in the “warm” Beijing, and that ice sports were popular.The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is just around the corner, and busy Alex is nervous and excited.She sees the Beijing Olympics as a way to connect with the world.Tonight, with her enthusiasm, seriousness and blessing, she will participate in this remarkable communication and dialogue at the opening ceremony, showcasing China to the world.She also envisions her future as a bridge between China and Russia.”I want to stay in Beijing after graduation. I hope to be a messenger of Friendship between China and Russia, to help Russians better understand China and contribute to the common development of the two countries, no matter I am engaged in external communication work or continue to do scientific research in the university.”(after)