“Half a Quilt” is featured on the “Reading China” page of the London Book Fair

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Changsha Evening News Palm Changsha, April 7 (all media reporter Huang Neng) April 5 — 7, 2022 London Book Fair after two years, back to the offline.China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. organized domestic publishing units to participate in the exhibition through both online and offline means. Half a Quilt published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House was featured on the “Reading China” page of the book fair, which is the only hunan edition book among the 100 books on the page.Published in December 2021, Half a Quilt is a picture storybook written by Zhang Ying and illustrated by Wang Zumin, Wang Ying and Wang Xiaoning.The book, narrated from the perspective of children in the first person, tells the moving story of “half a quilt” in the Long March of the Red Army, so that children readers can easily have a kind of empathy.At the same time, the dialogue between history and reality is reflected through intergenerational dialogue, which not only strengthens the narrative tension, but also is easier to be accepted by children.In 2022 London Book Fair, Chinese publishing companies participated in the offline exhibition, exhibiting more than 1,000 books of 500 kinds.Online exhibition, in the form of “Read China” special page, on the London Book Fair website to promote a wider range of Excellent Chinese publications, actively promote copyright to go global.”Reading” China page key select theme books, social science, traditional culture and literature, children’s five categories of 100 kinds of latest export-oriented books (books and copyright books 50), with the choreography of trying to read books in English and Chinese introduction and sample chapter, help overseas readers zero distance reading Chinese classic books, touch the pulse of the Chinese culture.The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic relations between China and the UK at ambassadorial level. The “Read China” page will be launched on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, along with selected books.