Gucheng Street, Gaochun District, Nanjing city: Take measures to strengthen prevention and control safety barriers

2022-09-08 0 By

Business travel net news (reporter: Kong Lingqian) to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to prevent the spread of illness, to consolidate the hard-won achievements, residents to safeguard the health and life safety of the masses, for days, nanjing gaochun district gucheng street villages in accordance with the requirements for prevention and control area, street, sanitizers, publicity, screening, controls, multi-pronged to prevent the spread of the virus.Before March 14 morning, the reporter in gansu, flower temple, righteousness, zen forest, gucheng village scene, such as the villagers of volunteers and workers, are ready in place, according to the division of the regional division of labor in sanitizers homework beforehand, in the process, strictly carries out the disinfection of public places sanitizers work process requirements, scientific disinfectant dosage, concentration ratio, all-round for shoppers,The focus is on public toilets, garbage cans, garbage collection booths, recreational and fitness tools, and spraying drugs on some dark and damp trenches.At the same time, volunteers, sanitation workers also remind residents to keep indoor air circulation, pay attention to personal and indoor environmental hygiene, as little as possible to go to the air circulation or crowded public places, standardize the wearing of masks, not necessary.At the same time, Qianlong village, Huamiao Village, Yibao Village, Gucheng Village, And Chenlin Mountain village organized staff, grid workers and volunteers to distribute “notification letters on epidemic prevention and control information collection” through village visits.Investigation was carried out comprehensively around the three information forms of “personnel about to return to Chun”, “personnel about to leave Chun” and “personnel from outside (returning to Chun) since March 1” to strictly grasp the relevant situation of personnel flow within the jurisdiction.Strict implementation of district and street prevention and control requirements, set up epidemic prevention inspection points at main entrances and exits of villages, and strengthen inspection of external passenger vehicles.This morning, the reporter in qianlong village qianjingyuan district inspection point to see, the duty personnel have to post, into the village outside the car to check sukang code, travel card, temperature measurement, good registration.Villages, moreover, plan well ahead of schedule, in accordance with the village jurisdiction area divided into science set up multiple sampling points, sampling points based on the actual need, prepare for the unit with the sample point small horn, code card, temperature measuring gun, masks, protective clothing, gloves, masks, isolation belt, alcohol, watering can, such as control materials, practical and prepared to deal with prevention and control of.