Dilieba, 29, is less sweet and more mature, more delicate than a rose

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Born in 1992, Dilieba is 29 years old, which is a very important time for a woman.At this age, the average girl may start to worry about marriage, or career-minded women may face changes at work.Dilieba seems to be a career-oriented woman, compared with other female stars, except for the occasional fan who takes a cp, it is rare to hear rumors of reba’s love.In emotional respect, she is really worry, has been in the cautious and conscientious work, the kind of boss Yang Mi “desperately three niang” posture.But Dilieba’s body is not completely without controversy. There is no news of female celebrity relationships, so it will be a matter of appearance level.Many people say that Reba’s level of appearance is very unstable, sometimes amazing, sometimes more masculine.There will also be some people take Dilieba as “Gao Wen” period and now do contrast, after removing the baby fat, her facial features are more and more strong, really did not have the soft feeling before.Come to think of it, Dilieba is also because of the Carat Lovers and completely out of the circle, at that time not only with this drama has been super popular, and also won the “Chinese Drama Festival” most popular female newcomer award.Later, the fantasy drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, starring Mark Chao and Yang Mi, won a wave of popularity.Dilieba may have an exotic look, but her costume here is really beautiful, especially in red. She plays a cute and seductive fox, which makes you love it.But as you start to carry the banner later on in the show, you’ll notice that Dilieba isn’t that amazing.Until “You are My Glory” was broadcast, Reba’s transformation was successful, in fact, 29 years old Dilieba is still very beautiful, after losing the baby fat, less sweet, but more mature atmosphere.You see how beautiful this photo of her holding the red rose is, it is true to the saying that “people are more delicate than roses”.Dilieba’s beauty, even past its sweetness, was as charming as a drunken rose.Maybe sometimes she feels old, but more mature charm.Beautiful female stars will be old, but the precipitation of time will bring another kind of mature beauty.Dilieba, who is about to turn 30, is no little girl and needs a change.In fact, qiao Jingjing and Gao Wen are similar in character, but no one will confuse them.Also be because Gao Wen is lovely and arrogant female star, and Qiao jingjing is mature and gentle adult however, this is di Li reba’s change, receive her next work, surely surprise will not be little.