Designer Vera Wang, 72, showed off her figure in a strapless red dress while her long legs stole the show

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On February 4, designer Vera Wang posted a series of photos on social media, showing that she spent the New Year alone. Although she was a little lonely, she also had a full time and took many beautiful photos.She also showed off her new look for the New Year, almost all in festive red.As a famous designer, she has a lot of money and jewelry. She wears seven rings and changes clothes to make her look like a lady.Among them, she has a pair of bra matching shorts, big show hot figure, flat belly without fat, a pair of beautiful legs are thin and long, hate sky high very upstage.Far from being 72, he looked more like a man in his forties.Vera Wang was bold in her bright red stockings, which went perfectly with the outfit without being obtrusive.Her legs were crossed and she had a big red flower on her shoulder, which would have been hard for a normal person to pull off, but vera Wang could have pulled it off.As a designer, Vera Wang is favored by many Hollywood stars and is also known as the Queen of wedding dresses.She has also designed The wedding dress of Hillary Clinton’s daughter, and her ability is recognized by the industry.She also had her own shop, and her career was going very well.Wang’s talent has attracted the attention of the best and brightest. In 2012, she was romantically linked to lysacek, 27, a champion figure skater, but the two didn’t end up together.Wang had previously danced with Xiao Fresh Meat at her 72nd birthday party, but her relationship status is a mystery and she has never married.I hope Vera Wang can continue to maintain a good state of health and live a long life. I also look forward to her design of better wedding works!Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete