Chinese skiers fail to finish alpine slalom: hope for breakthrough rather than finish

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Zhang Yangming of China skates during the competition.Photo/Xinhua Beijing News (wang Jisong) Chinese athletes Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu failed to finish the men’s slalom in alpine skiing on February 16, 2018, ending their individual events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.After the race, both athletes said that they had made efforts and attempts in the competition and had no regrets about the result.Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu qualified for all alpine skiing events at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games after qualifying in all five events in the multi-station points competition held by the International Snow Federation.The two athletes competed in four events, downhill, Super G, giant slalom and all-around, in a week from February 7 to 13.Among them, Zhang Yangming in addition to the downhill events, the rest of the competition all finished.Xu mingfu failed to finish in the super G.The men’s slalom was their fifth event and final solo event at the Winter Olympics.According to the rules of the competition, athletes are ranked by two skis over two courses.Skaters who do not finish the first slide or whose first slide result is disqualified will be disqualified from the second slide, and the skater with the least time combined will be the winner.A total of 88 skaters from 61 teams participated in the first round of skating. Xu mingfu started in 84th place and Zhang Yangming started in 85th.More than 30 runners had failed to finish before they set off.However, despite the challenge, Xu and Zhang did not resort to a smooth skate to finish the race.In Zhang yangming’s opinion, many skaters have skated down more than a dozen seconds slower than the front skaters, if you can’t close the distance, to finish the first round with such a result, it doesn’t mean much.”We don’t want to finish the race without a good result, so we want to make a breakthrough.”Xu mingfu also said.China has competed in alpine slalom five times before, with Wu’s 29th place in sarajevo in 1984, China’s best record in the event.”The Chinese alpine ski team has not been short of achievements in this event, especially since the winter Olympics have promoted the development of snow and ice sports,” Xu said. “We also want to start from ourselves and get better results each year.”Despite failing to finish the race, Xu and Zhang said they had made efforts and attempts in the race and had no regrets about the result.Zhang yangming and Xu Mingfu finished their five individual alpine skiing events at the Beijing Winter Olympics today and will also compete in the mixed team event on February 19.Beijing News reporter Wang Jisong, editor Liu Jia, proofreader Wu Xingfa