Children in Fuping, Hebei province, take the stage at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to unveil the Malan Orchid chorus

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At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4, the Maorchids choir sang the Olympic anthem “Ode to the Olympics” in Greek.The choir is made up of 44 children, ranging in age from 11 to 5, in Fuping county, Hebei province, and has been around for just over three months.How did this elementary school choir form, and how could it appear on the opening ceremony stage of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in such a short time?Forty-four fuping children sang the Olympic anthem during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”My name is Chen Yulong, from Bayi School,” the 44 Fuping children were chosen.”I’m Xi Qingru from Malan Primary School.””I go to kindergarten at Stone Monkey Primary School…”Malan Orchid Chorus consists of 44 children from Bayi School, Stone Monkey Primary School, Jinggou Primary School, Daandi Primary school and Malan Primary school in Chengnanzhuang Town, Fuping County.The choir was formed just over three months ago.In mid-September 2021, Liu Kai, principal of the Central School of Xiazhuang School District in Nanzhuang Town, Fuping County, received a phone call from the director group of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, who asked about the stone Monkey Primary School.”Can our village primary school attend the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics?”Liu Kai said that after he confirmed the identity of the other party, he was still relatively calm. “Our mountain children’s musical level has improved compared with the past, but compared with the city children, still far from.”At the same time, Beijing chongwen elementary school vice principal, super music teachers FuBaoHuan also received a phone call, the national stadium run team performance venues, deputy director of the opening and closing ceremonies department ceremony in wang jun, find her, want to go to her teaching in fuping county stone monkey elementary school in 5 years, building a children’s choir to perform at the opening ceremony.Fu Baohuan had a sleepless night, happy and worried.Fu Baohuan (first from the right), a member of the teaching team of “the old headmaster goes to the countryside”.”Children’s musical literacy is relatively poor, many children do not know the scale, intonation is not online, singing is Shouting.”Fu baohuan said that although the other party suggested that the children sing “Let’s Paddle”, Fu Baohuan thought that it might not be able to swing for the children.The first difficulty in forming a glee club is selecting people.Some schools are small, with only more than 50 students.”Some 200 children from grade 1 to 5 from Shihou, Jinggou, Malan and Bayi elementary schools were first brought to Malan Elementary School because there was an electric piano.”Fu Baohuan recalled that the children were divided into two groups to sing the school song and Ma LAN nursery rhymes they had learned before, and a new song, White Dove, was selected by more than 100 people.During this period, the teachers found that the students in grade one were too small to learn, so the screening scope was delimit to grade 2-5. “The reason why grade 6 was not selected was that the students were nervous about learning, so they were afraid of affecting the examination of primary school.”A kindergarten student was later added, Mr. Liu said.On September 28, 2021, the relevant person in charge of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics went to Malan Primary School to listen to the children’s singing, and the scene decided that this program can be on.The teachers were surprised and excited, “I’m happy for the children. Some of the children in the mountains are as young as ten years old. They have been as far as Fuping county.To broaden the pool of candidates, Mr. Liu said, they added daandi Primary School.The Marorchid choir is practicing their songs.On October 6, 2021, Su Zhiyan, a music teacher in Fuping Middle School, joined them. She gave the children a week of basic music lessons first, and selected more than 50 children from more than 100 with teachers. “This time, we selected the children with relatively good comprehensive quality and a certain sense of music.By mid-November, Ms. Su said, the final list was set at 44, ranging in age from 5 to 11, with less than two months to go before they will perform.On Feb. 2, Liu kai and his children attended the last dress rehearsal before the opening ceremony in Beijing.In such a short period of time, it is the efforts of many people like Liu Kai behind the scenes to send these white paper children to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”After the task was decided, deng Xiaolan and Fu Baohuan were the first two teachers to teach, as well as the special gang teachers from the Central School of Xiazhuang School District in Chengnanzhuang town,” Liu recalled.But the song was too technically difficult for the town to handle, so they turned to Fuping Middle School for help.Su Zhiyan was one of them.Su Zhiyan recalled seeing her children for the first time. They were all nervous and dumb.She wanted everyone to sing a song, but the children either couldn’t sing it or sang it very quietly. “The children in the mountains are timid,” she said.The Malan Orchid Chorus takes part in the winter Olympic Games opening ceremony training camp.Later, they organized the children to sing in the town, in the school flag-raising ceremony to sing, “as long as there are many people, take the children to practice courage.We encourage the children to perform on stage before each class.No one went at first, but then I got so bold that I had to sign up in advance and wait in line to arrange it. Some kids offered to dance.””Su Zhiyan said.After only two weeks, Su Zhiyan found that her ability was also limited, and the choir needed more professional teachers to solve the many skills of language and singing.On October 18, 2021, Zhang Hongyu, dean of Music and Dance School of Baoding University, was invited to Fuping.When we first met with the choir, Zhang frowned, “The children have no musical foundation, but the Olympic Songs they have to learn have a wide range, complex melody and many variations.This song was performed by the famous Beijing Philharmonic Chorus during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Zhang Hongyu two hands spread, “let alone we only three months time.”The Olympic Anthem is a cappella chorus, which is more difficult than a cappella chorus. The accompaniment can foil the chorus, but also acts as a crutch for intonation. Without the accompaniment, the audience can only rely on the singer’s intonation and timbre to enjoy the chorus.Plus, the song has to be sung in Greek, not even the kids, not even the teachers.”We need to protect our children’s feelings towards music by teaching them sentence by sentence, tone by tone. We can’t let them get tired of learning music just to participate in this performance.”To solve the problem, Ms. Zhang said, they set up game sessions that spread out training time throughout the day “to make the learning process enjoyable.”In this way, village primary school special post teachers, county middle school music teachers, college music experts formed a teaching team.”It’s not like the school choir going to a choir competition and not winning first place but second or third place.It’s a rare opportunity for our children in Fuping, and we don’t want to delay them because the teachers are not good enough.”Su zhiyan says the teachers are struggling to turn 44 ordinary children into a choir by the end of December.The whole song two parts of learning, the director group coordination of the language teacher came.In mid-November 2021, Qin Yezhen, a Greek teacher at the School of European Languages and Cultures at Beijing Foreign Studies University, arrived in Fuping with his student Lin Jiahao. They spent 10 days teaching the children Greek and helping them with their pronunciation.New problems appeared — The Greek teacher did not understand the chorus, the music teacher did not understand the language, and with Chinese singing, Greek singing will also have a drag, heavy tone, but this is not standard pronunciation to the language teacher, the teaching group quickly decided: the music teacher also learn the language.On his second visit to Fuping in early December, Lin jiahao said the children’s performance was “amazing.” “Greek is difficult.Especially the bite of the tongue.””Their pronunciation is much more accurate. We just need to make adjustments in individual areas.”According to the requirements of the director group, the training videos of the choir should be sent to them every week. At the end of December 2021, the video of the last group of children’s rehearsal will be sent to Liu Kai and they will receive the final notice that the performance of The Malan Orchid Choir will be officially included in the program of the opening ceremony. It is stable.Xi Jinhai was looking for his daughter Xi Qingru in Malanxin village of Fuping County on The night of April 4. “My daughter, my daughter!Xi Jinhai with a smile on his face, “don’t understand, strange to listen to.”Xi Qingru, member of Ma LAN Hua Chorus.Xi Qingru, 11, participated in the opening ceremony as a member of the Malan Orchid Chorus.On February 29, 2020, fuping county was lifted out of poverty.In 2019, Xi jinhai moved his family from their old house of nearly 40 years to a new 125-square-meter building, and he became a fire ranger in the village.All this began eight years ago, on December 29, 2012, when the military order for China to fight poverty was issued here.In fact, fuping’s children are no strangers to music.Deng Xiaolan teaches children to play Musical Instruments at Malan Primary School.As early as 2004, deng Xiaolan, a retired Beijing police officer, started music teaching at Malan Primary School. She taught children to play instruments and form a band. Xi learned to play the accordion and violin from Deng Xiaolan.Xi Jinhai said.”I want children in the old area to have music in their childhood.”Deng xiaolan said that 80 years ago, her father, Deng Tuo, used to run the Shanxi Chahar Ji Daily in Malan Village, Fuping.By 2021, Deng Xiaolan has held four Malan Children’s Music Festivals in Malan Village, and has taken her children to perform in CCTV, BTV and other places.In October 2016, Fu Baohuan volunteered to teach at Shihou Primary School in Fuping County as one of the first batch of the “Old principals going to the countryside” activity organized by Beijing Municipal Education Commission.”Some primary schools don’t have music teachers, and the kids just sing and shout, not in tune.”Fu baohuan said that over the years, some of the children have the concept of intonation, Fu Baohuan also helped two primary schools, Shi Monkey and Jinggou, compose school songs, “good” songs began to be heard in shancun primary school.These are one of the reasons why the voices of fuping’s children were recognized by the directing team for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The kids are too young to realize what a show like this might bring.”Gao Yue, a music teacher at Fuping Bayi Hope Primary School, watched the children enter the bird’s Nest rehearsal and said, “Since the day the choir was founded, Gao Yue has accompanied the children as a music assistant and life teacher.Ma LAN LAN Choir Han Shu Xin.Han Shuxin, 5, is the youngest member of the Malan Orchid Choir and attends kindergarten.Her parents often work outside, she has been living with her grandmother Wang Chunhua.Han Shuxin nickname dou Dou, she always forget his name, also can’t write, before, her biggest wish is to baoding by big bus, this back to Beijing, she saw the Bird’s Nest.’The buildings in Beijing are very tall and the houses are beautiful,’ she said. ‘I need to grow up quickly.’Chen yulong, 10, is a second-grader at Bayi School. His father is an electrician in Fuping County.Chen yulong is a member of fu Baohuan’s school-level choir. “With teachers, we can sing as well as children on TV.”Chen says he has set his dream as a musician.”I want to be a teacher like Deng, to teach more children to sing and sing nice songs.”Xi Qingru said that she knew what the concept of “good to listen to” was. When she played the piano in her own small yard, she told her father about her dream, and his father agreed.Baoding college choir in international chorus festival awards, but it is in a group of professional players on the basis of cultivating, hong-yu zhang sigh with emotion, “the training process is very short, strength is very big, but we both to protect the children in the mountains expression is plain and pure eyes, and improved their music accomplishment, feel a sense of accomplishment.””The theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics is’ Together for the Future ‘, and we spent several months to complete a together for the future.Never dare to think that the mountain village children can step on such a big stage, we did.The children worked hard, the teachers worked hard and, more importantly, everyone involved gained a new understanding of the future.”Liu said.Forty-four fuping children sang the Olympic anthem during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Why Do We Come to mountainous Areas to Teach MusicDeng Xiaolan, a retired Beijing Policeman, was born in 1943 Fu Baohuan, former vice principal of Beijing Chongwen Primary School and a special music teacher, was born in 1954 Reporter: Why do you choose to come to a mountainous area to teach music to childrenDeng Xiaolan: I went to Malan village in Fuping in 2003. The children could not even sing the national anthem well.I want their childhood to be colorful.Fu Baohuan: In 2016, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission launched the activity of sending old school principals to the countryside. Two other old school principals and I organized a group to Fuping County and volunteered to teach in Gujiazhuang Primary School, Shihou Primary School and Jinggou Primary School successively.Reporter: Do you still remember the first time to fuping volunteer teaching situation?Fu Baohuan: We left home at 5 o ‘clock, took the subway to Beijing West Railway Station, and then took the high-speed rail to Baoding. From Baoding, we took the minibus to Fuping, and then the headmaster picked us up.I remember working on roads, potholes, cars bouncing up, my head banging.Deng Xiaolan: When I first came here, the kids couldn’t sing the national anthem, couldn’t play any Musical Instruments, and didn’t even know some of them.I have participated in the band of Tsinghua University, and I plan to teach them hand in hand.Deng Xiaolan gives music lessons to children at Malan Primary School.Reporter: what is the process of developing music education in rural primary schools?Fu Baohuan: Start from scratch.Children do not know what is good, think that singing is Shouting, loud voice is good, there is no accurate concept.I brought in 100 mouth organs to The Two schools, Stone Monkey and Jinggou, but not enough for one person, I provided 200 mouthpieces, one for each child, so that we could use the instrument in different classes to develop children’s intonality.After a few years, we set up the primary school choir. Teachers from Shihou Primary School and Jinggou Primary School wrote the lyrics, and I composed the music and made two school songs.They go to town for shows and school plays, and the music changes their temperament and makes them more confident.Deng Xiaolan: We established malan Band in 2006.In August 2010, Malan Little Band participated in the opening ceremony of the 4th China Excellent Special Talents Art Festival held in Beijing, and the children performed “Beautiful Homeland” and “Ode to Joy”.In June 2011, the children participated in the “Red Song Loud And Clear Sing China” concert, and participated in the recording of TV programs in Hebei and Beijing. Through music, the children got out of the mountains.Reporter: What changes do you see in children through music learning?Deng Xiaolan: The children have an understanding of music.Malan village primary school these years out of several and music majors related to college students, there are in northwest university for nationalities read music education department, there are in Hebei preschool normal school after graduation engaged in preschool music enlightenment education work.What children in the mountains lack is not talent, but opportunity.Fu Baohuan: A few days before the Spring Festival, I went to the rehearsal place to visit the children.Those little eyes aren’t what they used to be. They’re shiny.The choir is particularly training, and the children’s musical literacy has been improved.I think with the experience of attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, they will have a deeper understanding of music.(source: Wireless Shijiazhuang) Prosperous night economy vitality Shijiazhuang