Attention!Xi ‘an public institutions in 2022 open recruitment of staff written test important tips

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The written test for the 2022 public institution recruitment will be held in Xi ‘an on Saturday, April 9.In order to better serve the candidates and maintain the fairness and justice of the examination, the relevant matters for attention are suggested as follows:Candidates should apply for “Shaanxi One-Code Pass” (Health code) and “Communication Big Data Travel Card” (travel code) in advance, strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the place where they live and the test area, do not go out unless necessary before the test, and do a good job of personal health monitoring.Candidates should read and sign the health pledge carefully when printing the admission ticket.On the test day, you are required to arrive at the test site 1.5 hours in advance with negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours before the test (paper or electronic version is acceptable), show your valid ID and admission ticket, scan the code and measure the temperature to enter the test site.If “Health Code” and “Travel Code” are green and the temperature measured on site is not higher than 37.3℃, the test site can be entered.Candidates with “health code” and “travel code” other than green code are not allowed to enter the test site;In addition to identity verification, students are required to wear a mask at all times, and activities within the designated area of the test site are strictly prohibited outside the designated area.Candidates with fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell, diarrhea and other symptoms during the examination, and without a diagnosis certificate from a secondary hospital or above, shall be arranged to take the examination in a standby isolation examination room according to the specific situation after medical evaluation.Further examination will be required after the on-site examination.The test time lost due to personal reasons such as health assessment or transfer to a standby isolation test room will not be supplemented.In the same period of time, our city will also hold high school academic level examination and junior high school physical education examination, there will be more than 200,000 people gathered in different schools to take part in the examination.Applicants are requested to travel early to avoid delays due to traffic congestion.(1) Most of the test sites are far away from urban areas.Especially xi ‘an auto vocational university (lintong campus), the examination site, xi ‘an traffic engineering college examination site, xi ‘an medical college examination site officer, shaanxi vocational college (action Ba campus) the examination site, xi ‘an high and new tech college examination site, xi ‘an railway vocational and technical college (harbor campus) the examination site, west ankang boulder art technician college examination examination site, xi ‘an, xi ‘an railway traffic technician collegeTechnical technician institute test site, Xi ‘an City Traffic technician institute test site distance is far, the bus transport capacity is limited, please apply for the majority of personnel to travel early, as soon as possible to arrive at the test site, to avoid the delay due to late examination.(2) xi ‘an railway test technician college, xi ‘an transportation (white deer campus) the examination site, xi ‘an auto mechanic school vocational university (white deer campus) test in white deer villiage narrow roads, easy to cause massive congestion, traffic along the examination site please the interviewees in advance planning travel, arrived in the examination site as soon as possible, avoid delays due to late for the exam.(1) 30 minutes before the test, candidates must present the same ID card (valid resident id card or temporary ID card within the validity period) and the admission ticket to enter the test room.Those who take the test with temporary ID card must verify their identity at the test administration office before entering the test.(2) Candidates should enter the examination room in time and read the Examination Room Rules and other relevant regulations before the examination begins.Please do not stay on campus to avoid affecting the examination due to ignorance of the examination rules.(iii) This examination is conducted in two subjects consecutively without interruption.Candidates only enter the examination room once, “professional aptitude Test” 30 minutes after the examination, late candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room;During the examination period, the examination papers shall not be handed in or withdrawn in advance.(4) Candidates can bring black ink pens (pen, signature pen), 2B pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser to take the exam.Scratch paper is available in the examination room and will be returned after the examination.(5) When candidates enter the examination room, except for the required examination equipment, mobile phones and other items should be put in their own handbag (mobile phones should be turned off and the alarm set should be cancelled), and placed in the storage of articles in the examination room.Do not bring any electronic, communication, computing, storage devices (including watches with communication and storage functions), materials related to the exam to the seat, otherwise it will be punished as a violation of discipline.Candidates are not allowed to pass any goods after the test.Candidates must take the test in strict accordance with the test area, test site, test room and seat number specified on the admission ticket. Before taking a seat, they must go through security check and sign their names on the seat list and fill in their mobile phone number accurately. After the security check is correct, they should take a seat according to the seat number specified on the admission ticket.(6) After the examination papers are issued, the candidates should first check whether the examination subjects are correct and whether the examination papers have printing problems.In case of the wrong distribution of the test paper, the wrong page number, blurred handwriting, or the answer sheet is wrinkled, seriously defaced and other problems, you should raise your hand to report to the invigilator in time, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.Then fill in my name and admission ticket number and other information accurately and completely with black ink. Fill in my admission ticket number with 2B pencil in the corresponding position.Before answering the questions, read carefully the cautions and instructions of the candidate. Use the tools specified in the designated area of the answer sheet. No other marks are allowed.Those who fail to answer in accordance with the provisions and affect the grading results shall bear the consequences.Listen to the unified instructions and start answering.The exam questions for each category are bound copies of two subjects and will be issued before the examination begins. Answer sheets will be issued for each subject.When the deadline for the first section examination is up, the first section answer sheet will be collected, and the second section answer sheet will be collected after the deadline for the second section examination.The 6 post examination questions of medical treatment and health care kind are bound edition, please apply for personnel to choose answer content according to post category, otherwise all consequence is assumed by apply for personnel.Please refer to the relevant content in the column of “application department and examination category” on the admission ticket.7. Silence must be kept in the examination room. No smoking or talking to each other is allowed.Do not pry or allow others to pry into the test papers, answer sheets and other answer materials.Do not pass any goods, do not ask the invigilator to explain the questions.(8) When the bell rings at the end of the examination, candidates should stop answering questions immediately, put the examination papers and answer sheets upside down on the table, and leave the examination room orderly under the command of the examination staff after the invigilator has counted and collected them.Candidates shall not obstruct the invigilator to collect answer cards, otherwise it is a violation of discipline.It is strictly forbidden to take your answer sheet, answer sheet or draft paper out of the examination room, damage or tear the answer sheet or answer sheet, transcribe, copy or spread the test questions or the related content of the test questions, otherwise, it will be punished as violation of discipline.(ix) After the examination, technical means will be used to screen the same answer papers. Those who are screened as the same answer papers will be treated as invalid, and according to the circumstances, they will be dealt with in accordance with the “Regulations on Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Public Recruitment of Public Institutions” and relevant regulations. Meanwhile, they will be notified to the employer (school).During the examination, candidates are required to take good care of their personal answer sheets (or test papers) to prevent plagiarism.If the examination paper is judged to be identical because of plagiarism by others, the consequences shall be borne by oneself.(X) Candidates must carefully read the relevant provisions of the examination, abide by the examination rules, obey the management, and accept the supervision and inspection of the staff.Those who cheat, make trouble without reason, threaten, insult, slander and frame the staff or other candidates will be dealt with in accordance with regulations on Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Public Recruitment of Public Institutions and relevant regulations.Whoever violates the Amendment to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and commits a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Iv. Measures that the staff can take during the examination period shall be checked and handled according to the relevant provisions on epidemic prevention;To impose necessary restrictions on the corresponding behaviors of relevant personnel in accordance with the need of keeping examination secrets;Close relevant examination places and prevent irrelevant personnel from entering;Check the identity cards and other documents of the candidates, check the articles carried by the candidates and, if necessary, use security monitoring equipment or in appropriate ways to inspect the candidates;Temporarily confiscate the equipment, tools, materials and other articles carried by the candidates in violation of regulations and used for cheating or may be used for cheating;Setting up and using electronic devices such as radio detection in the examination site to interfere with or shield wireless communications to the extent necessary;Stop and deal with the behavior of the candidates violating the examination discipline and examination rules, and terminate the candidates to continue to take the examination if necessary;Those who deliberately disturb or destroy the examination shall be handed over to the departments of public security.Five, the institution open recruitment disciplinary violations processing regulations excerpts of article 6 of the interviewees in one of the following disciplinary violations in the process of examination, given the time of the subject test scores was invalid than those prescribed treatment: (one) carry goods into the examination room and not in the specified location by the requirement, the reminder is still not correct,(2) failing to take the examination in the prescribed seat, or leaving the seat or examination room without permission of the examination staff, and still refusing to correct after being reminded;(3) failing to fill in or fill in his/her information as required after being reminded;(4) marking personal information or other special marks in places other than those specified in the test paper, answer sheet or answer sheet;(5) answering the questions before the signal for the beginning of the examination is issued, or continuing to answer the questions after the signal for the end of the examination is issued, but not stopping after being reminded;(6) taking the test paper, answer sheet or answer sheet out of the examination room, or deliberately damaging the test paper, answer sheet or answer sheet as well as relevant facilities and equipment;(7) Other violations of discipline and regulations that should be treated as invalid for the examination results of the subject.Article 7 If an applicant has one of the following serious violations of discipline and regulations in the examination process, his/her examination results of all subjects of the same time shall be invalid, and his/her violation of discipline and regulations shall be recorded into the integrity archive of public recruitment applicants of the public institution, and the record period shall be five years.(2) passing examination papers, answer sheets, answer sheets, draft sheets, etc., to each other;(3) taking part in examinations with forged certificates;(4) Using communication tools prohibited from being brought into the examination room or electronic articles other than the regulations;(5) disseminating the examination questions and answers before the end of the examination after leaving the examination room;(6) Other serious violations of discipline and regulations, which shall be invalidated and recorded in the integrity archive of the public recruitment personnel of the institution.Article 8 applicants who have one of the following particularly serious violations of discipline and regulations shall be given invalid treatment of all the subject examination results of the same time, and their violations of discipline and regulations shall be recorded in the integrity archive of the public recruitment candidates of the public institution for long-term records :(1) colluding in cheating or participating in organized cheating;(2) taking the examination on behalf of another person or allowing another person to take the examination on his own behalf;(3) other especially serious violations of discipline and regulations, which shall be invalidated and recorded in the integrity archive of the applicants for public recruitment of public institutions.Article 9 The candidates shall consciously maintain the order of recruitment work and obey the management of the staff. If they have any of the following behaviors, they shall be terminated from taking the examination and ordered to leave the site;If the circumstances are serious, the case shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 and Article 8 of these Provisions;Those who violate the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administrative Punishments for Public Security shall be handed over to the public security organ for handling according to law;(1) deliberately disturbing the order of the examination site, examination room or other places of employment;(2) refusing or obstructing the performance of management duties by the staff;(3) threatening, insulting, slandering or framing the staff or other applicants;(4) Other violations of rules and regulations that disturb the order of recruitment work.Article 10 In the process of marking, if it is found that the answers given by the candidates in the same subject are the same, and confirmed by the marking expert group, the results of this subject will be invalid.Specific identification methods and standards for the same answers shall be determined by the comprehensive personnel management department of the central public institution.Applicants who answer the same subject with the same content and have other relevant evidence to prove the establishment of their violation of discipline and regulations shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 7 and Article 8 of this regulation according to the specific circumstances.Article 14 The good faith archives of applicants for public recruitment of public institutions shall be uniformly established by the comprehensive personnel management department of the central public institutions and incorporated into the national credit information sharing platform to provide inquiries to the recruitment units and the society. The relevant records shall be used as important references for the recruitment of personnel of public institutions, and the management measures shall be formulated separately.Article 18 If any violation of discipline or regulation is found on the spot, the recruitment staff shall stop it.For those who are identified as violating the rules and regulations, the relevant evidence materials shall be collected and kept, the facts of the rules and regulations and the on-site treatment shall be truthfully recorded, and the records shall be informed to the applicants on the spot, and their signatures shall be required;For those who refuse to sign or maliciously damage evidentiary materials, two recruitment staff shall truthfully record their refusal or maliciously damage evidentiary materials.The violation records shall be submitted to the department that organizes and implements open recruitment after being signed and identified by the person in charge of the test center.Severely punish the crime of cheating in the exam, maintain the fair examination order cheating in the exam into the faithless list, the national implementation of joint punishment please apply for personnel carefully read the above matters and the admission ticket of the applicants notice related content, do a good job of preparation for the exam, consciously maintain the exam environment, integrity reference.Wish the examination goes well!Xi ‘an Personnel Examination Center April 6, 2022 source: