88,800 yuan fashion commercial pickup truck king Kong gun shock listing

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Well-off society to see the pickup truck, a thousand lines of 100 industry diamond gun.March 22, the Great Wall gun practice category innovation of another global product — fashion commercial pickup king Kong gun officially launched.The new car has two kinds of power, gasoline, diesel, two-drive, four-drive a variety of different versions, gasoline model price range of 88,800 to 116,800 yuan, diesel model price range of 95,800 to 123,800 yuan.Note: The above price is for standard box models, and 2000 yuan will be added for long box models.Long box models entrepreneurial type, elite type can be equipped with flat bottom container, on this basis plus 2000 yuan;Pilot limited optional package: including “LED headlights +360 panoramic image”, optional price of 2000 YUAN.The King Kong Gun also provides five privileges for car buyers: financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, recommendation gift and worrieless gift.Fashion king Kong, wisdom king Kong, super power king Kong, king Kong quality, king Kong, fashion commercial pickup king Kong gun with core strength, is committed to thousands of lines of industry depth to create the value of the car, the people’s livelihood of the car, help users do good business, better life.King Kong quality achievement value of the car king Kong gun adopts the “minimalist aesthetic” design concept, blasting launch type net, speed kinetic energy waist line, so that the new car overall simple and tough, and provide dream blue, carefree white, black, enterprising gray, struggle brown 5 body colors to choose.In terms of interior decoration, high-definition LCD dual suspension screen and intelligent voice control make the smart technology of King Kong cannon add to the body. The huge Great Wall gun logo on the steering wheel indicates the family identity of the Great Wall gun.FOTA’s online upgrade feature also allows every user to participate in the iterative evolution of the product.The diamond gun has three types of boxes to choose from: standard box, long box and flat bottom. The long box model has a large box of 1.82 meters.Low cargo platform, cargo box lighting and other intimate design, highlight the Great Wall gun on the pickup truck users profound insight.The turning diameter of 11.9 meters makes the diamond gun more flexible in turning and turning.In terms of power, the diamond gun is equipped with a 2.0t +6MT power combination. The GW4C20B gasoline engine is mature and reliable, with a peak torque of 360N·m, and the GW4D20M diesel engine with a high power version has a peak torque of 400N·m. This mature power system has been tested by the market and fully ensures the reliability requirements of users.It is worth mentioning that king Kong gun based on the Great Wall pickup truck global cumulative sales of 2 million deep accumulation, with the Great Wall gun platform, in accordance with the passenger car standards to build, Hubei Jingmen smart factory is to ensure its high standards in production.At the listing conference of user ecological power industry upgrade, King Kong gun released the user ecological IP of King Kong Alliance, King Kong Business School and King Kong Products, and jointly built the “King Kong Alliance” with Jiefi Technology, Chunbo e-commerce and other enterprises, to continue to create value for users, and realize the creation, sharing and win-win with users.Through King Kong Business School to create a series of online and offline knowledge and information sharing platforms, continue to empower users, unlock business passwords, help users to explore new business opportunities, take advantage of new technologies, and innovate together.King Kong products is committed to in-depth links with users of the formats, together with representatives of Xishuangbanna and Wuyishan tea industry, to help more high-quality, origin, original ecological king Kong products to enhance the value, out of the mountains, leading the national tide.In the industrial Internet economy, traditional forms of business continue to upgrade, giving birth to more commercial scenarios.At the scene of the event, derivative models such as the new farmer version of the Diamond Gun, emergency vehicle, lighting vehicle and beer vehicle were displayed, showing the multi-purpose use scene of fashionable commercial pickup truck category.Category innovation leads the upgrading of the industry As the leader of pickup trucks, the Great Wall Gun continues to carry out category innovation, to create category brand leading category, so that the brand has become the representative of the category.In the future, the global product map of Great Wall Gun will achieve full lineup, full scene, full price with coverage, brand comprehensive upgrade, to the passenger leisure, fashion commercial two categories of comprehensive evolution.Fashion commercial pickup king Kong gun is the Great Wall gun practice category innovation and a global product, is committed to thousands of lines of industry depth to create the value of the car, the people’s livelihood of the car, help users do good business, better life.Pickup trucks are not only consumption on wheels, but also value creators on wheels.As a representative of the people’s livelihood, pickup trucks are widely used in large-scale infrastructure, urban life security, private economic development and other thousands of industries.In the pickup truck policy, the Great Wall pickup truck also united in automobile association, by association and the pickup truck friends together boost the introduction of new standards, prepare for the establishment of the pickup truck association, promote the pickup truck policy lifting.According to statistics, the country has relaxed restrictions on pickup trucks into the city has reached more than 70%.It can be said that whether it is “product connotation” or “value extension”, King Kong Gun will be the strength of the pickup truck fashion commercial category, and will work with new era users to jointly help industrial upgrading, expand new formats, and create activities from April 4, 2022 to April 6, 2022