Why is there a hole in a peppermint?

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Why is there a hole in a peppermint?If I ask, is this knight mad?Who is that?He’s looking at me.What method can let your data do this on Baidu.If you were my boyfriend right now, and you came up and bit my ice cream, what would you do?Someone saw me drinking milk tea on CCTV, so I asked him to write a “P” for the school book, so THAT I could explain to my parents, thank you.Don’t forget your snacks.The way people of different ages answer the phone.The dancing sisters are still single!My girlfriend says my food is not only ugly but delicious, why can’t I make such a thing?Who are you on your team?I hate bosses who are afraid you won’t fit in long term.Personally, I think, first of all, the treatment in your company is GOOD, there is no situation of bullying people, naturally, you will not change your job just because you are afraid of poor treatment!Is the product free to do anything in the next ten words?In Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu, how a sick Sam became the leader of the Axe Gang What happened here?Why do you want to get better when it is normal?What’s the difference between this online girlfriend and the photo?Is that a meter?I’ll be the first to dig.