What’s the appeal of secret chat apps?

2022-09-07 0 By

Now the surrounding friends no longer use wechat to show themselves, they only use wechat for work and general communication.Today’s young people pursue individuality and are increasingly picky about the functions of chat software.It is not that young people who are afraid of social activities do not love social activities, they have moved offline social activities to online, love all kinds of chatting and making friends software.At present, the more common secret chat software is loved by young people.Good luck bar is a major encrypted chat software, since the number of users fission is very fast.Lucky Bar is a private chat app featuring disguise.Not only chat privacy is relatively high, there are powerful camouflage chat function.The system does not require real-name registration and does not read users’ phone contacts.So no one can search for you through your phone number or other social media accounts, and no one knows you’re chatting here.And the chat feature that everyone knows disappears after reading.This feature comes in handy when you have secrets or just want to make fun of them.After the other party finishes reading, the system will immediately clear, leaving no traces of chat.In case the two sides have an unpleasant day, the other side will not take the chat records to do adverse things.At its core is its disguised chat function.It hides the chat app so you can’t find any trace of it on the phone.According to the application scenario, the user can customize the shell according to their own identity in different shells.For example, calculator, alarm clock, news headlines and other shell, ordinary ordinary software is a decoration in the mobile phone, no one can think of this is chat software.If the environment around you is not private, you can also chat quickly.Other people see the news page, but only the person who is chatting knows that this is a chat.It can also flip the phone’s screen to quickly switch between different camouflaged pages.When you get a news feed, a spam email, or an update to your phone, it’s probably a new message from a friend.Enter a password in a specific entry to view the full message.Disguised chat content looks innocuous and is generally treated as spam.Of course, as a private chat software, privacy is certainly no doubt.There are also a lot of novelty features that you can check out on the official website.