The number of hospital beds in Korea exceeded 100,000 a day for three consecutive days, reaching the maximum in Japan

2022-09-07 0 By

China News on February 20South Korea has recorded 104,829 new cases of the novel coronavirus, marking the third consecutive day of more than 100,000 cases, the country’s health authorities said On Wednesday.On the other hand, as the coronavirus continues to spread in Japan, the use of COVID-19 beds in many parts of the country is nearing its limit.File photo: Medical workers carry out novel Coronavirus tests on citizens in Seoul, South Korea.The number of COVID-19 cases in the Republic of Korea has exceeded 100,000 for three consecutive days since the country’s first daily increase of COVID-19 cases exceeded 100,000 on Monday, and the country’s health authorities expect the number of confirmed cases to continue to increase.Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread in Japan, with the number of deaths in The country exceeding 200 for five consecutive days.In Japan, nine prefectures, including Osaka and Fukuoka, have more than 70 percent of beds used for COVID-19 patients, while the maximum number of beds used is estimated to be around 80 percent.File photo: Japanese people get vaccinated against COVID-19.If the hospital bed shortage continues, there may not be enough beds to receive COVID-19 patients who must be hospitalized, the report said.If the number of beds is increased, the number of regular beds will be reduced, which will affect non-COVID-19 patients.