Super value shopping, absolutely authentic shopping, all in jucost-effective “Cost-effective 8:30”

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At 21pm on January 30th, the 2022 Zhihu Answer Adventure Night will be officially launched on Hunan TV and Zhihu, the name brand of the evening party, will also offer a large number of shopping privileges and free order benefits.As a theater scene type party, zhihu answer adventure night to sing dance, comedy show, talk show, and so on novel funny scenes in the form of more and more attention in the past year in zhihu q&a content, in the published guest lineup, in addition to audiences of actors, singers, and tsinghua university space KeJiTuan nature conservancy, altay region,There are takeout worker Li Yuanyuan family and village teacher Yang Changqiang couple such ordinary but warm ordinary family, trying to bring the audience at the end of the year in a harmonious laughter and real sense of the “end of the year answer paper”.Juhuasuan will issue 10 million consumption coupons and juhuasuan, as the main sponsor of the party, will also bring multiple surprises to the audience!Through taobao search, the audience can enter the channel to grab 10 million coupons, which can be used in the purchase of commodities during 8:30am live broadcast, so that consumers can grab the Spring Festival goods more smoothly!Juhuasuan cooperated with brand merchants to launch juhuasuan 8:30am live broadcast area. With the influence of Juhuasuan channel, a large number of high-quality brand merchants are gathered to provide users with extreme price strength and brand authenticity guarantee.Flagship super value brand genuine “cost-effective 8:30” live on The eve of January 30 20:30, Juhuasuan will provide consumers with the live broadcast of wonderful and valuable products through “Huasuan 8:30am”, in combination with Lin’s wood furniture flagship store, Supor official flagship store, Jinlingguan official flagship store, Libai Group official flagship store, Haier official flagship store and other brand flagship stores.The core of the night hot style products such as household appliances, furniture, milk powder, such as the diversity of life category, such as 470 l ultra-thin refrigerators, haier haier 10 kg washing drying machine, jinling crown Jane 3 period of milk powder, supor rice cooker, supor air fryer, etc., all aspects of life, not only satisfy the consumers are also provided by the official brand spans a product,To ensure that “Cost-effective 8:30” live products are escorted by brand flagship authentic, consumers can be assured to buy.Not only has the brand of genuine protection, juhuasuan “Cost-effective 8:30” also provides a large number of ultra-low second kill products, super value immediately reduced discount, more popular goods can participate in juhuasuan “cost-effective 8:30” live grab half price, live grab free single activities!Don’t miss 8:30am live on January 30!