“Shenzhou toutiao” Binzhou city to carry out out-of-school training institutions advertising special governance action

2022-09-07 0 By

Shenzhou style webex (Hao Jie Zhang Yan) recently, shaanxi bin is joint markets at city bureau of education, public security bureau, urban management bureau of the city’s offline advertising discipline class training institutions to carry out the special action, to crack down on offline disciplines such illegal advertisement, we should standardize the order of offline advertising discipline class training institutions, comprehensive purification offline advertising market discipline class training.The special governance action focuses on the rectification of all kinds of offline discipline training institutions through mainstream media, new media, public places, residential areas of all kinds of billboards published, broadcast training advertising;In the name of preschool class, kindergarten and kindergarten bridging class, thinking training class, etc., advertising containing the development of subject training content for preschool children;Exaggerates the training effect, misleads the public education concept, creates the parent anxiety advertisement, etc.Up to now, a total of 23 illegal training advertisements have been found in public places, plaque doors and building facades, and all have been removed according to law.Next Bin zhou city will continue to strengthen advertising management supervision strength, discover the problem timely processing, completely put an end to offline discipline training institutions advertising propaganda chaos, actively promote our city “double reduction” work in-depth development.