Protecting “Spring” warm flowers | Tianjin Customs LNG Clearance Service “Not closed” during Spring Festival

2022-09-07 0 By

On January 31, Chinese New Year’s Eve, under the supervision of customs, toben Spirit, carrying 72,800 tons of LIQUEFIED natural gas, was discharged continuously into the shore tank at Sinopec LNG Terminal in Tianjin.During the Spring Festival, tianjin Customs officers stick to their posts and do their best to ensure that customs clearance services are “open” during the Spring Festival.Tianjin dagang customs officers in sinopec tianjin LNG receiving station no. 2 berths tianjin customs import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supervision work in the ship safety after berthing, the first round of carrying out the supervision work, realize the seamless link of our business, ensure the timely and rapid LNG ship to the port after the clearance, the realization of LNG receiving “zero wait”.The gas will be delivered via pipelines and tankers to north China, including the venues for the Winter Olympics, to help clean heating and make the Games green.”Thanks to the safeguard measures of Tianjin Customs during the Spring Festival, they contacted and communicated with us in advance and provided strong support and guarantee for the shipment of LNG as scheduled.”Mr. Ru shipping agent said.It is understood that in order to facilitate the smooth import of LIQUEFIED natural gas and add “confidence” to the warm “spring” of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei residents, Tianjin Customs constantly optimize the supervision process, through “one acceptance”, 12360 hotline and other channels to provide enterprises with “all-round” customs clearance consulting services.Through the establishment of special personnel and the implementation of full-time customs clearance system in the mode of enterprise customs clearance specialist, effectively shorten the clearance time;Enterprises are encouraged to use customs clearance models such as early declaration, two-step declaration and summary tax collection, and optimize the tax guarantee system to help enterprises reduce logistics costs.Understand ship berthing dynamics in advance, formulate quick inspection work plan in advance, optimize and integrate health quarantine, weight appraisal and other work procedures to ensure smooth customs clearance of goods during holidays;Implement the whole process of dynamic supervision, real-time control of ship status, unloading progress and transmission pipeline temperature, pressure, speed and other conditions, to ensure safety and efficiency.Since the beginning of this year, Tianjin Dagang Customs has imported about 669,700 tons of LIQUEFIED natural gas, with a value of about 5.2 billion YUAN.During the Spring Festival holiday, it is expected to supervise and inspect LNG vessels for 8 voyages, receiving and discharging 144,000 tons of LNG.Source: