Old to understand: people in this life, really can rely on only one person

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Time is long, time flies, time is old, people are feeling more and more, old, who can count on, in order to make their old age happy?As the saying goes, backer mountain will fall, rely on everyone will run, this life who is we really rely on?When we are young, we think that our parents are the best and strongest dependence in this life;Only after getting married and having children can I feel comfortable in my old age.Now, when I get old, I find that there is only one person I can really rely on in my life.Some people say: A woman is a stranger in her parents’ family, a stranger or a stranger in her parents-where is a woman’s own home?When a woman is young, she is asked by her parents to bear more housework for them. When she gets married, she is asked to be “sensible”, to be a good wife and mother, to be filial to her in-laws, and to treat everyone in her in-laws.A woman lives her whole life for others. When she gets older, she finds that she has never lived her own life.Old, looking forward to her family can become their own rely on, who knows, often reality hit face.Fifty-two-year-old Li Jie, after half a life of wind and rain, raised their son and married, but was asked for divorce by her husband.Originally thinking of returning home to keep in the old mother’s side, one is to do filial piety, 2 is for his old age have a rely on.But the old mother disliked, feel divorced after the Li Jie back home to earn family property.Elder brother and sister-in-law dislike, old mother scold, it seems that after divorce li Jie is an “ominous” person, even the Chinese New Year did not let her in her parents’ home.Can’t go back to her husband’s home, can’t get into her son’s home, where is the divorced woman’s own home?Women in this life, looking for affection, often reality hit the face, rich, you are her family’s small cotton-padded jacket, is her family’s good daughter, is brother’s sister-in-law.When you have no money and no status, you are a burden to your family. You are not a filial daughter of your family, and you are a taboo person whom your family dislikes.Therefore, when a woman is young, she must forge ahead and strive for her own life. Only by supporting her own ability can she become the best person to rely on in her old age.Expect friendship, often hurt people old, many people feel that there is nothing terrible single, with a few good bestie together to keep warm, we accompanied by retirement, is not unhappy.Ideal is beautiful, reality is skinny.There is such a sentence in life: fire prevention anti-theft boudoir.How many bestie finally become strangers and enemies, but it is the selfishness and jealousy of human nature, let friendship eventually go to a dead end.After being single, 52-year-old Sister Zhao had an affair with her best friend’s husband for decades. She did not feel that she had no bottom line, but that she was charming and could become a treasure in the eyes of men when she was old.When sister Zhao bestie know this thing, hit sister Zhao a meal, but also between them, let derailed husband clean out of the house.When people grow old, they rely on friendship, which often hurts them all over the body.The relationship between people begins with appearance and ends with three views.Without the same three views and cognitive logic, it will eventually come to an end.It is rare to have a bosom friend in life. The friendship that can be sincerely accompanied by friendship and the ultimate friendship must be achieved by talking with each other. It is because we have the same cognitive ability and think about things at the same latitude.Otherwise, the only thing that can sustain a friendship is mutual kindness.Old, rely on friendship to maintain the spiritual needs of old age, sometimes let oneself hurt more, only light get along, no inner needs, can let friendship go further.Looking to his wife and children, often disappointed to say “raise children for old age”, but now life, looking to children can give their own happy and peaceful old age life, seems to have become an extravagant hope.Nowadays, when children get married, they will spend half of our old people’s life savings and even take on debt.Therefore, it seems really extravagant to expect children to give us a secure old age.Sometimes it is not their children who are not filial, but we elderly people do not want to disturb their children’s life, but do not want to be a drag on their children.Can really need children, children are separated by a distant distance, can only from crossing.We have raised our children for half of our lives, and we have no regrets. When we grow old, we want to count on them. Sometimes it is wishful thinking.The net has seen this sentence: do not envy the street hot kiss of the couple, only envy when the white hair is still someone to accompany you to do childish things.Some people on Zhihu asked: why do people get married?One of the most liked answers was’ having someone who can legitimately be there to take care of you when you get older. ‘When you are old, you will become lonely and lonely, so you need someone who can stay with you and talk to you.When you are young, you can call your friends. When you are old, you can only find your wife around you. It is also a very beautiful thing to hold hands with your wife.However, in life, in old age, couples who can get along well also need to be considerate, understanding and tolerant of each other.After experiencing so much prosperity in the world, I found that the greatest happiness is to have someone around me when I am old. Then this life is enough.However, no matter how loving a couple is, there will be times when we go first and then go, and we end up walking alone in life.Therefore, our life, in the end, can rely on people, only yourself, only yourself, is the best rely on.When we are old, we can leave this world peacefully without bothering or dragging anyone down. That is the best way home in our hearts.People in this life, rely on their own, in order to live their own life, only rely on their own, in order to be old without regret.We should start to put health in the first place from a young age, and then strive for their own life, save more pension money, treat themselves, take good care of themselves, can be safe to old age without disease, is the best rest of life.When we are old, we should understand that it is better to rely on ourselves than on anyone else, and only you can truly rely on yourself. Therefore, we must take care of ourselves, and let ourselves have a good state of mind and a healthy body, which is what we rely on in our old age.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.