Mentally retarded woman winter lost police bitter seek 6 hours finally find

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At 5:00 PM on February 14, 2022, a public to the Zhongyuan West Road police station for help, said that his 29-year-old daughter Yang Moting lost on February 10 in Wulibao, wearing green jacket, black pants and white shoes.Because the daughter has intellectual disability, personal care ability is poor, the family is very worried about her whereabouts, hope the public security organs to help find.After receiving the police, police Zheng Xiaoli and auxiliary police Wang Shijie immediately arrived at the scene to understand the situation.It was late and cold and the woman’s life could be in danger if she was not found soon.The police immediately divided into two routes, one of which the police and their family members collected surveillance and searched around Wanda, Ersha, Zhongyuan Road and West Third Ring Road, and the other way the police and their family members visited and questioned surrounding businesses and sanitation workers with photos of the missing persons.That night, zhongyuan West Road police station launched all civilian auxiliary police in all communities and property groups to forward the missing person notice, launched the mass search.After searching for nearly six hours in the cold wind, police Li Hongtao and auxiliary police Yang Mingguang finally found the missing woman near ersha.When the family members saw the missing loved ones back, they shed emotional tears and repeatedly said, “Thank you to the Zhongyuan West Road police station and police officer Li. If it weren’t for you, the weather would be so cold that our children have been lost for four or five days without food or drink. If something happened, how could our family live in the future?Source network