Meituan, Tencent and Alibaba all suddenly dive. What happened?

2022-09-07 0 By

Direct A shares have closed, Hong Kong shares suddenly collapsed.Meituan has fallen more than 10% at most, Tencent and other Hong Kong stocks also followed the fall, in everyone confused, only to find another document out of the matter.When Tencent’s wechat was still experimenting with the “1065” working system, working from 10am to 6pm five days a week.Meituan was directly accused of leading online food delivery platforms to lower their service fee standards.As soon as the document was sent out, Meituan acted out a “big dive” situation.12 percent straight in the water in 30 minutes.Other Internet companies, such as Alibaba, also took a dive, going from a hot start to -3.25%.After this one thing just discover, Internet industry and takeout industry, also be “closely related” actually.Apart from alibaba’s Ele. me unit, Alibaba will definitely be affected.And why should Tencent be affected?Obviously Tencent and takeout look completely do not build a fight ah!But it’s not that simple.Let’s take a look at the financing history of Meituan: In 2011, Meituan started its B round of financing, in which Alibaba participated in the investment, and this round of financing only amounted to $50 million.However, it is worth noting that Tencent invested in Meituan in the E round of financing.It was after the battle of BAT that Wang Xing, the boss of Meituan, chose Ma Huateng, and in this round of financing, Meituan raised a total of 3.3 billion DOLLARS!That’s dozens of times more than Alibaba had invested before.And why Wang xing chose Tencent at that time, I am afraid that alibaba began to invest in Meituan.In 2011, alibaba had not yet gone public, but it was still expanding its capital aggressively and, unlike many other investors, it was playing hardball.To invest in you, you have to be integrated into the Alibaba system, alibaba management.To Ali before cast youku, Tudou, Autonavi map, UC browser, which as long as the alibaba merger and investment, must let Alibaba absolute holding!Up to now, the market share of these companies is probably not as large as before the financing, that is to say, alibaba has invested in the merger of companies, now is not as good as before!Wang Xing did not like being handled so forcefully.After all, When Wang was a student at Tsinghua university, he often quarreled with others in campus forums.How could such a talented and rebellious person enjoy being run by alibaba’s system?Therefore, Meituan chose Tencent as the main station in the BATTLE of BAT Internet.Just because of this, Meituan has the following story, now I can see that Meituan’s choice is actually the right one.From the point of view of capital and market, Tencent really gave Meituan a very convenient way!So the United States was suppressed this time, I am afraid that these Internet enterprises can not escape the relationship, it seems that the Internet still has a period of decline!