Make friends by playing talent shows, “Find Love” and “Purple Cow News” downloads

2022-09-07 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network On February 20 – (correspondent Zheng Xinyi reporter Zheng Youming) 19 afternoon, there are more than 100 single young people to participate in the “colorful love * find love journey” public welfare dating activities, held in nanjing Hexi Bin Run hui.The event was hosted by BinRunhui and Suyuan Hongniang, specially sponsored by Dongwu Shian Wulian Technology (Jiangsu) Co., LTD., with media support provided by Yangtze Evening News “Ziniu News”.The campaign was carried out on the basis of good quarantine work.In order to let participate in the activities of young men and women better contact and communication, the host first asked a male and a female collocation sit, know each other, and then randomly called a girl or boy, first let it do self-introduction, and then answer next to the opposite sex’s name, work unit and other circumstances and mate requirements.In order to activate the scene atmosphere, the host also took everyone to play “idiom solitaire” game, dance and other personal talents.The final link is still the live version of the “If you are the One”, 13 beauties first appeared, and then take the initiative to come up with male guests to choose each other, the last scene successfully hold hands two pairs.Before the event began, the male and female guests also downloaded the Yangtze Evening News client “Purple Cow news”.”Ziniu News” is an intelligent media news app created by Yangtze Evening News, featuring “news social networking”. Since its launch in September 2019, the number of download users has reached 20 million, and the daily active users have exceeded 600,000.At present, “Purple Cow news” has become a key new media platform for party construction publicity in Jiangsu Province.Proofreading by Li Haihui source: Purple Cow News