In 1991, seven diplomats were trapped in Somalia, and eight gangs took turns looting the embassy. What happened

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In January 1991, a group of gunmen stormed into the compound of the Chinese Embassy in Somalia and opened fire on two diplomats.The two fled into the building, where the gangsters shouted: “Chinese, get out!”In the early 1990s, somalia was the scene of a civil war between warlords and fierce clashes between government forces and rebels.In December 1990, the two sides fought street battles in mogadishu, somalia’s capital.Unfortunately, the Chinese embassy in Somalia is close to the presidential palace and the television station, which has become a strategic point of contention between the rival sides.On New Year’s Day 1991, the fighting took a sharp turn for the worse, as bullets began shooting through the embassy and rockets broke through the walls.The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urgently ordered two Chinese ocean-going freighters, yongmen and Anshan, to leave for Somalia in two batches to bring compatriots back to their homeland.At 5 am on January 6, the first group of compatriots was picked up by the “Yongmen”, leaving seven diplomats at the Chinese Embassy to take care of the second group of compatriots to be evacuated and protect the important materials of the embassy.Under the unified command of Embassy counselor Guo Jing ‘an, the seven men reinforced three layers of iron gates in the embassy compound and building, and then the seven men took turns to patrol around the clock.The fighting between government and rebel forces was so intense that shells had been rattling around the embassy perimeter since 10 a.m.At 1 p.m., a shell whizzed in with a loud bang, tearing through the embassy’s confidential room and knocking out the radio station and antennas on the roof.Fortunately, the shells did not hurt people, operator Wang Lixiong had to brave the roof flying around the stray bullets to repair the antenna.After seven hours of effort, the antenna and radio were finally repaired, and the seven-member team resumed contact with the country.On January 7, the war entered the white heat. At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Counselor Guo Jing ‘an observed from the upstairs window of the embassy and found that a group of government troops were fleeing to the east with guns in confusion!Guo counsellor in the mind “thrumming” a secret way is not good, the army ran away, it means that the whole capital Mogadishu into chaos, the rebels and bandits began to wreak havoc.Sure enough, more than 10 o ‘clock in the morning, a dozen fleeing government soldiers began to violently ram at the gate of the Chinese Embassy, a big man climbed over the wall to open the door, and the soldiers rushed into the courtyard to rob.Gao Guoxin, 54, the director of the Embassy’s office, and an Zhongli, a young translator, quickly stepped forward to stop them and made solemn representations. Gao shouted that the Chinese embassy should not be violated!Where will the routed army listen to him, the gun will be towards the embassy rushed, under the urgency of Director Gao had a flash of inspiration, loudly said to know the commander of the routed army and mentioned his name, said he was a friend of the Chinese, this group of routed government forces had to listen to unhappy retreat.The government troops still have some discipline, and the rebels and gangsters don’t speak martial virtue at all!As soon as the government troops left, another group of bandits arrived. The bandits smashed the locks of the door desperately and sprayed the embassy compound with guns from time to time.The gang was so vicious that they soon smashed the iron gate of the embassy. Director Gao and translator An volunteered to negotiate again. The other five diplomats retreated to the building to observe the situation.Ferocious bandits rushed into the compound like a dog around foraging, Director Gao wanted to negotiate again, several bandits unexpectedly with a gun against director Gao and an interpreter chest, emotional Shouting: “quickly give the car, not to shoot you!”Director Gao was about to speak, but the gang kicked him to the ground. When Ann tried to help him, the gang kicked him to the ground!Director Gao, who was an old diplomat after all, stood up with difficulty and glared at the bandit.The bandits were high director of the momentum, dare not to start feet, under the rage was ready to pull the trigger to shoot him!The five people upstairs were nervous and raised their mouths. Counselor Guo immediately shouted: “Stop it!””And ordered someone to hand over the keys to the embassy car!The bandits drove off, Ann saw the bright five-star red flag still in the car, recklessly came forward to grab the flag down.Send off a batch of another batch, gao Director two people are negotiating with the fourth batch of bandits, suddenly into a group of bandits!Jealous of each other, the two rival gangs picked up machine guns and began to fire at each other!Sandwiched in the middle of the high, An two people did not react, the bullet whizzed over, fortunately, an translator alert, a blow down Director Gao, two people lucky just bruise!Then two people ran toward the building, high director old run slowly, a bandit with a gun behind him want to go into the building together!Alert director Gao in order to divert the bandits, quickly ran to the other corner of the building, the bandits just give up.Such as the bandits retreat, director Gao was afraid to climb upstairs.Embassy gate was destroyed, they had to stick to the building, but a group of bandits, they shouted downstairs: “Chinese, roll out!”See no response, they will raise the gun to shoot at random upstairs!An and the embassy driver, Li Wenxiu, tried to negotiate again, but as they shouted down the stairs, the robbers opened fire on them so loud that they almost got shot!Ann and Li turned their heads and ran upstairs. Everyone was sweating for them.The bandits tried everything they could to break down the door, but the embassy staff had to throw a car key down again.In this way, the embassy’s cars were taken away by the bandits, and even a car that could not start was pushed away by the bandits.The remaining jeep, the driver Lee Wen-soo risked his life into the garage to unload the battery, even so was also discovered, and finally destroyed.As night fell, eight gangs roamed through the embassy compound, emptying the pantry next to the main building.Seven people a day without food, plus has been dealing with bandits, exhausted.Which know, arrive night, frenzied bandit again begin to saw with hacksaw first floor door!The sound of the saw blade was like a steel knife stabbing everyone’s heart. If they cut open the window, they could get in. Then seven people would be meat on the chopping block.Counselor Guo immediately ordered the destruction of all documents, passwords and confidential equipment.Then everyone retreated to the third floor, where there was an iron fence!Tired of sawing, perhaps, at midnight the bandits stopped!To the morning bandits began to saw Windows, just as everyone despair, at 6 am, veteran Wang Yue from the Somali militia command borrowed 9 fully armed Somali soldiers!When the bandits saw that the regular army was coming, they all ran away. The seven members of the embassy were finally saved. They then followed Wang Yue’s car to the harbor and returned to the motherland by freighter.