Besides cooking rice, is there anything MY pan can’t handle?

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Some time ago, we have been huo Huo electric rice cooker, do cake, do braised rice, fried dumplings, DO not know your electric rice cooker is ok?My mother will never let me touch the rice cooker again.So I took aim at my pan.You may think that there are wok for cooking, stew for soup, baking for cakes, baking for oven, in fact, these can be done with a pan!Just like rice cookers, pans are a must-have all-purpose cooker in the kitchen.Xiao Guo er is a pan food lover, on this pan, xiao Guo er has done a lot of food, usually stir-fry a dish, stew a meat is easy, such as fried steak, do pizza these are not the words, I even made a thousand layer cake, fruit halberd, coconut milk small square all kinds of dessert!As a veteran pan lover, xiao Guo er recommends three kinds of pan delicacies today: sesame egg roll, creamy steamed bun and souffle.01 You don’t need a mold to make a crispy omelet in a pan!What you need to pay attention to is that you can use butter, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc., which is fragrant,Ingredients list · Eggs 3 (125g) butter 75g low gluten flour 80g cooked sesame seeds 10g sugar 50g salt 1g· Recipe ·1.Add the salt and sugar to the egg and beat until smooth. Add the melted butter and beat until smooth. Add the flour and toasted sesame seeds and beat until smooth.Cover the batter with a piece of oil paper. 4. Find a flat board, I used the base of a live base Chiffon mold, spread the batter thinly through the oil paper.6. Fry for half a minute, turn over and cook for another minute, until egg skin is coloured on both sides 7.Take two chopsticks and place them one by one. This is a child’s chopsticks for children.When you cool it, it hardens and sets, and then it’s very crunchy. 02 Who says you can only use a steamer for steamed bread?Using a pan, no steaming, no baking, no frying, still easy to make soft mini creamy steamed buns.· Creamy steamed bread ·By bean and fruit Food Master, Unswervingly · List of ingredients · All-purpose flour 300g milk powder 20g granulated sugar 30g warm milk 130g yeast 3g egg 1 · Recipe ·12. Add the all-purpose powder, sugar, milk powder and yeast to the bowl in turn, and add the egg at last.3. Add 130g of warm milk to a bowl and whisk together to form a floc.4. Knead to a smooth dough.5. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled in size.6 repeatedly kneading exhaust.7. Roll it with a rolling pin into a rectangle about 2cm thick.8. Cut into strips about 2cm wide, then cut into small squares and sprinkle with dry powder to prevent sticking.10. Cook on each side for about half a minute, turning over, until lightly browned on each side and fragrant with steamed bread.11. Last Year of Perfect ~ Milk incense️ melts in your mouth, soft and sweet, a little dessert that people can’t refuse, and now little fruit will teach you how to use a pan to make a cake like souffle!· Pan Souffle ·By Bean and Fruit Food Master Sour sour want to eat thin · List of ingredients · Egg 1 low gluten flour 20g milk 15g granulated sugar 5g · Recipe ·1.Egg white, egg yolk separated in two no water no oil bowl;Add the milk to the egg yolks, beat the eggs until combined, pour into the sifted powder, mix well. 2.Electric whisk egg white at low speed, beat until fish eye bubbles, add 1/2 caster sugar, turn to medium high speed, beat until wet foam, pour the remaining caster sugar, continue beating until hard foam. 3.Pour the mixture into the rest of the egg whites, stirring well. 4. Spoon the mixture into the frying pan and top with a little more.Cook for about 2 minutes on one side, then turn over, cover the pan and continue to cook for another 2 minutes.Frying pans are really versatile and are used so often in the kitchen that we must take good care of them.Most of the pans we buy are coated, so use a wooden spatula when cooking.When cleaning, use warm and hot water, and then clean with a rag. Do not use steel balls, which will damage the coating.This will extend the life of our pans