5 Tips for Judging your kitten’s age

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If you pick up or adopt a kitten, you’ll want to know its age to properly feed and care for it. Kittens develop much faster than humans, and can show significant changes at two weeks and two months of age.So let’s find out how kittens judge their age.If you pick up a kitten, check the stump of the umbilical cord first.The stump of a kitten’s umbilical cord usually scars and falls off three days after birth.If your kitten still has a small umbilical cord, it is only a few days old.A newborn kitten goes through several stages of development, from opening its eyes to changing the color of its eyeballs.Looking at eye changes and color can help you estimate your kitten’s age.Kittens don’t open their eyes until 14 days after birth, and some do so within 7 to 10 days after birth.If your kitten’s eyes are closed, it’s a new arrival.If your kitten’s eyes are open, it’s at least a week old.If your kitten has just opened its eyes and is squinting, it should be about two or three weeks old.When your kitten first opens its eyes, you will notice that they are bright blue. As you age, the blue film will disappear and the eyes will return to the original color of the breed.The ears of a new kitten are flat and close to the head.When it is five to eight days old, it begins to open and slowly erect.Ears take longer than eyes.Although the ear opens slowly over five to eight days, it usually takes two to three weeks to erect.This method is not suitable for folded cats.When kittens are born, they are 100~120g.1~2 weeks about 170~230g;2~3 weeks about 300~350g;3~4 weeks about 350~400g;4 weeks to 2 months is about 400 to 700g;3 months is 2~4 jin or so.The standard body weight of adult small cats is about 5~10 catties;The standard body weight of the medium-sized cat is about 8~13 jin.The standard body weight of a large cat is about 10~25 jin.A dental examination is a common way of estimating the age of a baby cat.Kittens up to two weeks old are toothless, and if teeth are present, age can be inferred from the number and characteristics of teeth.A kitten’s baby teeth will start to protrude at 2 to 3 weeks, and the first teeth in its gums should be its incisors.If you don’t see any teeth, gently touch your gums to feel how they are developing.Canine teeth will grow out in 3-4 weeks.They are long and pointed next to the front teeth;Kittens’ premolars break through their gums at 4-6 weeks;They are located between the canine teeth and the molars.If the kitten has all its baby teeth except molars, it is about 4 months old.Meanwhile, between four and six months, canines, premolars and molars will be replaced by permanent teeth. If your cat has all permanent teeth and four molars, it should be at least seven months old.Reprint statement: some of the content of this article is reprinted from the network, only for readers’ reference, copyright belongs to the original author.We share this article for the purpose of disseminating more information.If there is infringement, please leave a message to contact us to delete, thank you!