Zhao Benshan’s daughter posted a post denying that she had broken up with her fiance, joking that he had spent 20 million yuan on her

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What to watch for: Zhao benshan’s daughter Qiu Qiu posted a video with her fiance on Weibo at 6 PM on April 7, 2022, denying their breakup.Ball ball grievance said: since two people together, all kinds of breakup rumors continue, did not clarify the reason is do not want to occupy public resources to fight eyeballs, this clarification is really no way.Qiu qiu also revealed that the parents of the two sides met long ago and were supposed to get the license in June this year, but the two parents haven’t settled on a final date yet.Ball ball finally called on everyone to be careful to eat melon, and fiance two people is the love life of ordinary people, without those so-called rich family.In the early morning of April 7, Qiuqiu posted a video of himself and his fiance on another social media platform with the caption: “Big brother didn’t run away.”In the video, Ball and her fiance are seen cuddling in a white top.Non-famous entertainment critic Wu Qinggong pointed out: why ball ball twice refuted rumors did not break up?It’s not the Internet users, it’s ball ball.Two days ago, Qiu Qiu said on air that she broke up with her fiance. She said with tears in her eyes that she regretted not listening to her parents’ advice and ending the relationship sooner.He also shared his fiance’s daily expenses, revealing they spent $50 million together in less than a year, of which $20 million went to his fiance.Qiu Qiu posted a photo with her boyfriend in May 2021 last year and went public with their relationship.On June 25 last year, Qiu Qiu posted a photo of her boyfriend proposing to her on social media.Qiu Qiu’s fiance is very mysterious. Netizens thought he was Kang Dahyuk, who appeared in Idol Trainee, but later found out he is just a normal person.There are rumors that the ball ball fiance is returnees, is a master, is rich second generation, but the ball ball has not confirmed his background.In short, Zhao benshan particularly disliked him: whether the family had money was secondary, because Zhao Benshan was rich.What Zhao benshan hates most is that his “prospective son-in-law” is too feminine. As an ordinary person, is it necessary to dress up in such a feminine manner?Qiu Qiu is an anchor, and she is also an “influencer”, so she found an ordinary person who looks like an influencer.Qiu Qiu, who was popular in the online celebrity world six years ago, has become a has-been, so she started to hype her relationship with her fiance.Although Qiu qiu denied breaking up with her fiance, she did not deny that he cost her $20 million.So, the man should be “soft rice man”, too spineless.Discussion: Do you think Qiu Qiu and her fiance can get married?