Tongling, Anhui province was adjusted to a low-risk area

2022-09-06 0 By

According to a notice issued by the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Emergency Response Headquarters of Tongling City, Anhui Province today (30th), building 46, Jingxiang New Village, Xingfu Community, Tongguan District has been adjusted from a medium-risk area to a low-risk area after comprehensive evaluation.At the same time, remove the following control measures in the containment area and control area:A list, remove seal centralization area (3) YiAn sunan international cheung company YiAn area and yue xuan hotel YiAn area scene’s bay holiday hotel list 2, remove control zone (4) officer district people’s community real estate fortune plaza copper area officer, melon and fruit wholesale market (chestwood six-way) copper officer area comrades oyster affection (tongling jiahua shop) copper officer area of the Confucianism to foot bath center “unlock” is not equal to “solution”,Medium-risk areas will be adjusted to low-risk areas. After the containment and control areas are unsealed, the prevention and control management of the areas will continue to be implemented.Please take the initiative to scan the code, measure the temperature, wear masks, do not gather, do not gather together, continue to tighten the strings of epidemic prevention and control, and maintain good hygiene habits and healthy lifestyle.(CCTV reporter Wang Ning)