Tong!Tong!Golden Phoenix Viaduct is open to traffic!

2022-09-06 0 By

Today, reporters learned that the xindu section of Golden Phoenix Viaduct connecting Xindu district and Jinniu District has been fully open to traffic.The reporter drove the Golden Phoenix viaduct, see the golden Phoenix viaduct not only clean and spacious road, and driving sight is very superior.During the xindu section of the Golden Phoenix Viaduct, the driving vehicle maintained a speed of 80 kilometers per hour for the whole journey, and it took about three minutes to complete the whole 3-kilometer journey.According to the construction side, the construction of the Golden Phoenix viaduct is not only to divert passengers and trucks, but more importantly, the speed of the whole line without traffic lights. The opening of the viaduct will greatly shorten the travel time and bring great convenience to the citizens of Xindu and Jinniu.It is understood that the construction projects of xindu section of Golden Phoenix Viaduct include road works, bridge culvert works, traffic works, pipeline relocation works, lighting works, greening works, fire protection works, etc.The project is located at the junction of Jinniu District and Xindu District in Chengdu, with chengdu Expressway in the south, Fenghuang Mountain viaduct and Jinfurong Avenue (Jinniu Section) in the north and Xiangcheng Avenue in the north.According to the relevant person in charge, the whole project of golden Phoenix Viaduct will be implemented by stages, and the phase I project will be implemented to transform the section from Jinniu District boundary to Xiangcheng Avenue.Xindu section road 5.04 km, viaduct 3.026 km.After completion, The Phoenix Mountain viaduct will connect bus rapid transit to Xindu urban area in series. Social vehicles, BRT and logistics trucks will pass under the bridge, further improving the public transportation system of Xindu, expanding the space for urban development, enhancing people’s livelihood and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.The second phase of the project will be transformed from xiangcheng Avenue north to Qingbaijiang District.After the project is fully completed, it will realize the diversion of freight between the first and second routes, share and distribute the transit traffic in north Chengdu. it will further enhance the transportation node conversion capacity and traffic capacity of North Chengdu. it will provide important transportation guarantee for the integration of Chengdu-Germany and “Jinqingxin” development.Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news Bao Ruixue reporter Hong Jidong video provided by xindurong media editor Song Hexiao proofread Wang Juan