The average price of a pacemaker is down to $24,000!Sichuan implemented the centralized purchase price of three types of medical consumables with quantity

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Sichuan online journalists Chun-hua liu on March 15, sichuan provincial health bureau, in a news release for the people to enjoy the health bonuses, following coronary stents and coronary balloon expansion bring procurement execution after landing, the medical insurance bureau of sichuan province advance the provincial league concentration belt quantity procurement work, using “bring linkage, two-way choice”,The company has successfully completed the collective procurement of iOL, coronary drug balloon and pacemaker medical consumables organized by the inter-provincial Alliance, driving down the prices of three types of consumables significantly, with a maximum reduction of more than 80% for the selected products. It is estimated to save more than 1.5 billion yuan of related medical consumables procurement funds every year.Among them, the selection results of coronary drug balloon and pacemaker were respectively carried out on January 30, 2022 and February 16, 2022, and the iOL was also launched in Sichuan on March 7, 2022.It is reported that the average price of coronary artery drug balloon decreased from 22,000 yuan to 6300 yuan with a price drop of more than 71%, and the biggest drop reached 81%. According to the demand of Sichuan province, it is expected to save about 76 million yuan in procurement cost every year.The average price of pacemakers decreased from 48,000 yuan to 24,000 yuan, a drop of 50%, and the biggest drop reached 81%. According to the demand of Our province, it is estimated to save about 139 million yuan of purchasing cost each year.The average price of intraocular lens decreased from 4112 yuan to 2347 yuan (the average price of single-focus products decreased from 2961 yuan to 1515 yuan, and the lowest price of selected products was 229 yuan/piece), with a decrease of 43%(the single-focus products decreased by 49%) and the largest decrease reached 78%.According to the demand of our province, it is estimated to save more than 240 million yuan of purchasing cost every year (save more than 190 million yuan of purchasing cost for single focus products).After intensive harvest, the price of relevant medical supplies in Sichuan is at a lower level in China, and the range of products for medical institutions is further expanded.Up to now, the purchased medical consumables in our province have covered coronary stents, coronary dilation balloons, coronary drug balloons, pacemakers and iols, and it is estimated that the annual accumulative saving of procurement funds is about 1.564 billion yuan.Sichuan province health bureau relevant controller introduces, in 2022, the province will continue to deepen the reform, lead organization to carry out the 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the provincial federation of oral implant with quantity purchasing work, play a league in advantage, for orthopaedic trauma and orthopaedic spine, stapling, guide wire, guide catheter and other medical consumables in concentration belt quantity purchase,Through a series of “combination measures”, the price of medical consumables has been greatly reduced and more patients can enjoy tangible benefits.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: