Set off fireworks!Fire tips!

2022-09-06 0 By

Starting from January 22, fireworks can be sold in Kunming.Fireworks belong to flammable and explosive products, if not set off according to the provisions, what kind of security risks will be brought?Let’s take a look at the fire experiment.Fire experiment: fireworks are beautiful carefully provoke “fire” in front of several common fireworks, firecrackers, flying class, spray flower class.Firemen will use these types of fireworks to simulate the dangers of illegal discharge.This is a few spray flower type fireworks, firemen spread newspaper on the ground, simulate combustible.Once lit, the firework began to shoot upward, the sparks falling on the newspaper, burning small black holes, and then if the fireworks fell, the newspaper quickly turned into a ball of fire.Also, small firecrackers, which children like to play with, can ignite newspapers quickly if they are set off directly on combustible objects.Li Zhouxun, firefighter of Lianhua Fire Rescue Station of Wuhua Fire Department, said, “Through the experiment just now, when setting off fireworks, it only takes a few seconds to ignite the newspaper, so when setting off fireworks, we should keep away from combustible materials in an open place.”And small bees, rotary and other flying fireworks, in the light of the launch, the direction can not control, the choice of place is very important.Li Zhouxun, FIREFIGHter, Lianhua Fire Rescue Station, WUhua Fire Department, said, “When setting off soaring fireworks, please stay away from crowded places, because they are uncontrollable in the process of take-off and may fly to residential areas and cause fires.”When setting off fireworks, some people throw them down the drain.On January 24, a 10-year-old boy threw a lit firecracker into a sewer in a square in Pingchang county, Sichuan Province, which triggered an explosion that blew off manhole covers and injured the boy and his mother.Li Zhouxun, firefighter of Lianhua Fire Rescue Station, said, “Especially when people set off fireworks, they should not throw them into the sewer, because there is methane in the sewer, a spark may cause flasmoxing explosion, the consequences are very serious.”For public safety, please be sure to set off fireworks and firecrackers in accordance with the regulations, and have a safe Spring Festival.