Liu Bang Wulin league master skin raid, only need 60 coupons, cheng Bite gold new skin for free

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Love life, love games, hello, I’m Dumb.I look forward to your attention and I will share more interesting updates here.Preface: King of glory officially announced a lot of advanced limited skin in the past period of time, after all, the Spring Festival is coming, so the official also did not keep in suspense, directly a set of tiger limited skin directly announced, but these skins are more expensive, don’t have 6 yuan below or free skin?In fact, Spring Festival has always had free skin and 6 yuan skin, this year is no exception, but the disclosure is a little late.Recently, the official announcement of liu Bang and Cheng Zhanjin’s two new skin, both brave quality new skin, no fancy skill special effects.Well, without further ado, let’s learn about it.We can start with the poster picture of Liu Bang’s new skin. You can first see Liu Bang in the picture below, holding a big sword in his hand and a token in his other hand. There are also a group of people behind him.Overall fashion model adopted the antique design, have the feeling of a sectarian, and the skin name is called roars sword, according to the background story of this kind of skin, liu bang was Lord wu3 lin2’s leader of the world, so that the skin is also about unreal wu3 lin2’s leader the subject status of the packaging, so the overall clothing design is a feeling of the boss,Some tiger elements have also been introduced to make it more closely related to the new skin for the year of the Tiger.Liu Bang’s new skin model and then look at the external effect of this skin, because it is a brave quality of the skin, so he did not have luxurious appearance action, or the use of the most common classic action, but also did not increase the flashy appearance of light effect.As a wulin League master, in fact, I think the quality of this skin is a little low. If possible, this skin can be made into epic skin, which is more suitable for the position of Wulin League Master. Of course, this is my own idea.So as a brave quality skin, its skill effects will be bright?For skill effects, if you look at the picture, there are no highlights, except that the skill effects have turned blue. Of course, there are some details in the skin, such as an icon at the bottom after releasing the first and third skills.However, as a 6 yuan skin, there is this special effect is actually good, but the online time of this skin has not been announced, only know that it is 6 yuan seconds to kill the skin, if there is no accident should be the time before and after the Spring Festival online.Cheng bite gold open new skin for talking, liu bang new skin, we’ll talk about cheng bite gold new skin, the king glory new version has been updated, and cheng bite gold the skin has formally on a formal suit, now you can directly use the crystal king exchange, this also is everyone wait for a long time of crystal shop, finally update,Unfortunately, the glory of the hidden skin news has not been exposed.As a free skin, in fact, this skin does not have what too big bright spot, if the skin has any characteristics, I think is his hands of the double axe, gold and white double axe is really very characteristic, anyway is free also do not have too many requirements.To sum up: at present, the new skin of king of Glory New Year version online is still more, and the two introduced today are brave quality skin, Cheng Bite gold through king crystal free exchange, but this skin does not have too many highlights.And Liu Bang’s brave skin is certainly on line will be seconds, because now only need 60 coupons, although this skin will have the opportunity to return, but under normal circumstances, after the return can only be obtained by points, compared to now start the most cost-effective.Ok, that’s all for this article. Do you have any other views?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.