Known as the “blue ocean” fresh electricity business, why will stumped each giant

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The growing development of e-commerce, involving China’s business, industry, finance and other economic fields, and promote the innovation of the field, but also for agriculture and other traditional production and operation model has brought opportunities and challenges.Especially in recent years, fresh business is known as the last piece of e-commerce “blue ocean”, has become the gold digger of various capital.Analysis of the development trend of fresh e-commerce industry: 1, e-commerce collective trigger “unmanned war” pre-warehouse has become the standard of fresh e-commerce.Whether unmanned shelves or convenience stores, fresh electricity suppliers to do offline has become a trend due to the high cost of acquiring customers, have to choose the high frequency of offline fresh consumption field, just need to show access to new traffic, looking for a new way out.On the other hand, road living unmanned shelves and new retail outlet, pull high valuation, continue hematopoieesis, continue fresh new story.2, quality assurance, upgrade services to do fresh e-commerce than the offline entity store requirements are more strict, do not do the negative effect will spread on the Internet.Reduce the supply chain link, reduce the loss observation, have more profit space.Fresh is a non-standardized commodity, so the quality requirements will be higher, we should have a standardized quality control process and perfect after-sales service, to clear consumers’ concerns about fresh online shopping.3, offline integration, race “the last mile” of the future retail development trend, is the integration of online and offline, the use of the Internet means to serve customers, which is the technological development of The Times.The layout of high-density stores in the city as online and offline nodes, commodity sales and consumption experience combined, online drainage, the last kilometer of the layout into all kinds of fresh e-commerce wrestling field.4, fresh e-commerce development difficulties logistics costs occupy the largest proportion of the total operating cost of fresh e-commerce enterprises.A huge logistics system needs a lot of human resources to support it.The unit price of fresh electricity suppliers is relatively high compared with physical supermarkets or farmers’ markets.(1) Cold chain logistics Cold chain logistics is fresh e-commerce enterprises, no matter the size of the enterprise, in its development must face one of the most significant problems.Because of its characteristics, fresh food distribution requirements are very high, cold chain logistics distribution method is needed.Cold chain logistics equipment and refrigerants need a lot of cost, the establishment of cold chain logistics distribution system is a huge project, coupled with the traffic congestion in China’s more developed cities.In this regard, e-commerce enterprises to develop fresh business back.(2) The distribution of unpriced fresh food increases the selling cost of fresh e-commerce enterprises, which is transferred to the selling price of goods.So the unit price of fresh food online is significantly higher than that at the farmers’ market.(3) Order frequency Due to inadequate publicity and ineffective marketing measures, order frequency is not high.Faced with such difficulties, how did Fanfan 1080° platform solve them?Fanfan 1080° platform as a fresh e-commerce industry problem solving expert, in the face of the above difficulties, summed up a set of fresh e-commerce development mode — “Fanfan mode”.Fanfan mode is fanfan 1080° platform after six or seven years of actual combat operation, is unique in the fresh electricity business industry.This model has been very mature and can be copied to any city for operation, that is, how to use the Internet as a tool to integrate, optimize or transform and change the model of traditional industries and industries.It includes:Large function advanced Internet electricity business operating platform, the way of integration of industry resources and technology, operation and management team construction, establish warehouse sorting logistics distribution system, method of rapid change and occupy the market, balance and establish a new pattern to break the traditional method of overall planning and packaging design, project, eight major marketing channel and “disc – a sales model” construction, project marketing team buildingDevelopment and training (including dalian market practice training and local market on-site construction), expert team on-site guidance services, etc.Through rice meal pattern within the warehouse sorting logistics system, to solve the problem of cold chain distribution, platform powerful supply chain solution to the problem of the guest unit price, rice rice 1080 ° platform of commodity prices, not higher than the secondary wholesale price, so cheap price can solve the problem of order frequency, after all, who would want to the same type products, why not to buy cheaper?